Saturday, October 16, 2010

Playin' hard...

We have had a CrAzY busy couple of weeks, and let me tell you, if it weren't for the flu bug I'm fighting, I would be working on Halloween costumes right, if there's one thing good about bein' sick, it's the chance it's giving me to catch up on my blogging!!!
We had visitors last weekend, and let me just say we had a BLAST! Brandon's mom came to see us, and for the first time since we lived in Oregon, we had his sister Jade and her son Trey here too! It was really special for the kids to have a cousin come visit. :) (Not that Aunt Jade and Nina are any less special!)
They were only here for three days, but we JAMMED those three days full of fabulous fun! Friday, when Brandon was in classes all. day. long. we headed off to the Portland Children's Museum. It was a bit crowded since there was no school that day (a bit insane really), but we had fun anyway. Here are some pics of the kiddos.
Trey pushin' Gavin in the stroller.
I gotta tell you, Gavin was sooooo good. Maybe he was just busy "people watching", but seriously, I would forget he was there cuz he was bein' so happy!
This is Jemma's FAVORITE part of the whole's face painting, but Jemma says she's doing her make-up.
Now that is some killer make-up! She's GoRgEoUs! :)

Jemma showin' off what she built in the Tinker Toys section.

Carter was mesmerized by this thing. It was filled with all these little metal balls and when you turned the wheel around, they would filter through these little holes in the middle. Pretty entertaining for this 2 year old!

Jemma, Trey and Carter responding to calls for help in the ambulance.

Carter driving the bus. (Jemma did his "make-up" for him.)

Saturday we headed over to Out-of-this-World Pizza. We had hoped to go to the pumpkin patch, but Oregon weather did not cooperate. I would venture to say though, that we had an equally fun time. Check out the pics below for proof.
Brandon and the kids.
Jade & Trey.

We had SO much fun, that all three boys were pretty wasted when all was said and done!
Gavin with his Nina. (This was the happiest face he could muster...shoulda taken pics earlier...let's face it, we were just too busy havin' fun!)

Icecream cones make EVERYTHING better though!

Thanks Nina, Aunt Jade and Trey for coming to see us! Love you and can't wait to see you guys again!

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Mason & Laura said...

How fun! It is sooo wonderful when family visits:) and Jenny, I think that has got to be THE CUTEST flower in Jemma's hair I've ever seen. Please teach me :)