Friday, October 29, 2010

I've been meaning to post...

We took the kids to Lakeview Farms...that's right, the same pumpkin patch Jemma's preschool went to. It's our favorite! (It's actually the only one we've been to here in Oregon...why stray from what we already know we like?)
Anywoo. Here are a plethora of pics from the adventure. :)
Gavin started out...not so happy. I had to put this picture on here, just so we would remember.
(Can you see the key in Carter's hand? He carried it with him during the ENTIRE time we were there. We got it in the mail a LONG time ago with some advertisement from a car dealership, but he thinks it starts any car and opens any door...THANK HEAVEN that isn't true!Look for it in the pics he's in...most of the time you can spot it. )

Brandon keepin' Jem warm on the ferry ride across the lake.

Me and the gang. :)

Hide & Seek around the haystacks.

Carter and I were lookin' at pumkins and lost track of Brandon and this pic he had just spotted them.

Loaded up on the train with our pumpkin.

Gavin, a bit happier.

Even more happy...


Jemma and Carter acted like little celebrities as we rode the train back to the patch entrance...waving to everyone who wasn't on the train.

Jemma took this pic...she did alright!...Just a little off center. We'll practice. :)

Gotta say that I'm gonna miss Oregon pumpkin patches. It's pretty cool to head out to a farm where they actually grew the pumpkins (or at least most of them...or just some of them if they didn't have a good crop...whatever...) and then walk through the fields to find a good one! And by the way, ours was a decent size and only cost $4!!! That is one good deal on a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch!
Stay tuned for posting on the carving of said pumpkin! :)

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Kristina said...

oh my! those are some great pictures!! I love them. You guys went on a perfect day. Why go to another pumpkin patch when you're already going to the best one!