Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Happenings

This is just a bunch of randomness from over the month of October, so here goes...
I was upstairs the other day and heard Jemma say, "Mom come quick! You gotta see this!"
Here's what I found. :)

After I took their pic, Carter laid down next to them...he wanted to be a part of the silliness. No glasses, but that goes with his attire, right? No clothes either!
Carter helped me make sugar cookies the other day while Jem was gone to preschool. I pitifully forgot to take pictures of them after they were decorated. Jem and Carter put so much stuff on them, they were almost unrecognizable.
Pumpkin carving:

The finished products:
So, Jemma wanted a smiley face on hers - easy enough, and Carter wanted Lightning McQueen...hmmm, that ones a little trickier...we settled on a lightning bolt, however, his pumpkin was a bit squatty, so we carved it in horizontal rather than vertical...Jemma said it looked like mountains, so we decided we would tip the pumpkin on it's side for the pic.
Problem solved.

I actually cooked up the pumpkin seeds this year (thanks Kristina for all the tips on making them DeLiSh!) The kids would. not. try them. Jemma told me I was weird and that she only likes, and I quote, "peanut butter sandwiches, mac & cheese, food like that". Her loss, cuz these bad boys were tastey!

Thursday, I got the craft bug, and so me and the kids made some little lanterns during quiet time. (Have I mentioned that Carter has pretty much out grown naps? Real lame...but guess what, I found a cure for it if he's fighting a nap and I really need him to sleep for an hour or two...

too much of this/aka crafting...

produces this:
(What a boy. Jem and I finished up while Carter snoozed on the couch.)
Finished product:

Now, I wish I'd just done all faces...Carter thinks the pumpkin looks like an apple and I really, really dislike the bat. Oh well. They're still fun and festive, and let's face it - I could ALWAYS use new seasonal decor. :)

I got the idea here, in case you're wondering.

Happy Halloweening!


Sara said...

Cute cute cute! I think the picture of Jemma making the lanterns looks a lot like you. At least how I remember Jennifer Jenny Stone!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow! What a great idea! Those lanterns turned out super cute! And I think the bat looks fine! Also, I love your bangs, Jenny. You look so darling!

I don't know what happened to our October this year, but we didn't even get around to carving our pumpkins! So sad. Also, my camera is broken so I'm not getting pictures of stuff that I really want to have pictures of!!! It's killing me.

Kristina said...

okay, first of all, I love the silly faced kids you have! Your carved pumpkins turned out great... lightning and all. Your lantern craft turned out fantastic. Too bad Halloween is over, otherwise I'd be copying you. I'm with Carter, the pumpkin does look like an apple...but I like the bat. your the best mom, really the best!