Saturday, April 3, 2010


Yup, I turned 27 yesterday...YiKeS! But don't worry, I'm not writing this post to lament how eerily close I am to being 30...I mostly just wanted to say "Thank You"!
Thanks for all the phone calls, text messages, cards, emails, flowers, treats, and even an honorary post on your blog, Mel! I felt so loved!!!
From start to finish, it was a WONDERFUL day!
I was serenaded several times with a couple different renditions of "Happy Birthday".
Jemma and Carter got along wonderfully all. day., which is saying a lot :)
Brandon and the kids made me a cake...which is a story in and of, the one in the pic is not the one they made...(if you're gonna put the whole cake batter in a pan, it's gotta be a 9x13 or it'll overflow...) but Brandon was quick to save the day with a run to the local grocery store. :)
My good friend and neighbor Kristina insisted on watching Jemma and Carter so Brandon and I could go out to eat...of course I chose Olive Garden!
Thanks to EVERYONE for making me feel so special! I am one lucky girl.


Michael and Amber said...

Happy Birthday! We are so glad it was a good one. You have a beautiful family and we are so grateful to know you :)

Sharee and Arthur said...

Happy Birthday, again! I hope you got our message--we had to record it twice because it said our first one was deleted. Anyway, glad it was a great day for you!

Cecily said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! I'm glad you had a great day. :)

Sara said...

Happy belated birthday!! We were in the middle of moving to AZ and it has been a week without internet until now. But I did think about you on your birthday!!! It looks like you had a great day! Love you!

Eric and Jewels said...

I'm so glad your Birthday was a good one :) You look so pretty in those pictures with your kiddos!! Love you tons!!

Megan said...

Days late, but Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!