Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break

Brandon's Spring Break was this last week. It was so nice, despite the necessity for him to do a fair amount of school work, to see more of him this last week. I'm pretty sure we are all a little spoiled from the extra time with him and we'll really miss him this next week when he heads back to the grind.

We did some fun things this last week; a couple of trips to the coast, golf (for Brandon...he had this trip planned for almost a year, and had a WONDERFUL time), Easter crafts (me and the kids) movie watching, and a nature walk up in Portland. Other than a super windy, cold and wet 1st day at the coast, we had GrEaT weather this last week and are very much ready for SpRiNg!

Jemma with her "rock castle" at Oceanside.

Carter, who is quite the tease, was chasing me here with a couple of fists full of sand.

Here, the little man was chasing Daddy with rocks!

Three of my favorite people, just enjoying the coast.

We did a little hike down to a light house out at Mearl Bay. We bought the movie "Pete's Dragon" (I grew up watching that movie) and ever since Jemma and Carter saw it, they talk about it all the time and Jemma asks to watch it daily. Jemma gave out cast assignments for our little excursion; Carter was Pete, Brandon was Lampy, I was Nora and Jemma was Elliot. The pic above is of them checkin' out a pic of the Killer Whales...apparently there are groups of these in this area at certain times of the year.

Jemma and me on our hike.

Brandon and the kiddos. :)

Jemma, Brandon and Carter in front of the adorable lighthouse. Jemma and Carter loved it and really wanted to go inside. Sadly it isn't open for tours for another couple of weeks.

We wanted to get ice cream from the Tillamook Cheese Factory on our way back to the Grove, but it was INSANELY was hot fudge sundays and ice cream cones at the McDonalds drive through instead. :)

Jemma sportin' a jellybean of our Easter crafts.

Carter on our nature walk up in Portland.


The Pitts Family said...

Did you get a new table? It looks so cute. And I really love the picture of Carter with an ice cream beard. We need to get together!

Sharee and Arthur said...

I'm glad you guys did some fun things together. I love the pictures of the beach and the lighthouse. :) You look darling with your belly. I'm starting to get uncomfortable now, so here's where the pregnancy starts to feel kind of long. . . . ah well. Only three months to go.

Eric and Jewels said...

How fun! You took some fun pictures. Your little Carter is too funny (chasing you guys with rocks and sand). I agree with Sharee you look way cute!!

Travis and Heather said...

look at your darling tummy! What a good spring break trip. You are like a miniature size with a cute 1/2 basketball in your tummy....adorable.

Allison said...

Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Jen! :)

Mason & Laura said...

Super cute pictures! I love Carter chasing Brandon--that is hilarious. And I'm pretty sure you're the cutest pregnant lady ever. Glad you got to enjoy your hubs for a few extra days off of school!! We need to get together again!