Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Festivities

I always look forward to dying Easter eggs...I just think it is so much fun!!!

So, me and the kids picked up what I thought was an egg dying kit...turns out it was just special glitter paints for, not wanting to go back to the store, I just looked up online how to make your own dye. Why had I not always done that! I am telling you, the eggs come out SOOO much brighter! So next year, I'm gonna bag buying an egg dying kit...just for the record. :)

Here are some pics of the kids coloring eggs. They LOVED it, and begged to do more. I couldn't justify more than 18 eggs...especially since no one in our family is especially fond of boiled eggs.

I'm pretty sure most of the eggs Carter dyed ended up cracked...he didn't quite get the concept of being "gentle" when placing the eggs in the cups of dye.

Since we had the "special glitter paints" we went ahead and used them once all the eggs were colored. Those turned out to be a pretty big hit, but EXTREMELY messy, so we only did a handful of those (besides, I think most of the ones that didn't get painted were cracked anyway!)

Are you surprised that the one Brandon painted has glasses? :)

The Easter Bunny visited our home Saturday morning and left more eggs filled with candy than we needed. :) Jemma was really into actually finding the eggs, while Carter merely wanted to eat the contents within each egg. Everytime he found an egg, he would just open it up and declare, "I wanna eat it!"

Both of these kiddos made out big in the treats department...needless to say, neither of them ate much for breakfast. They were so full on candy! :)

Jemma and Carter in their Easter attire; I had SOOO much fun making Jemma's dress, and since it had so many different fabrics, I could let her help choose the fabrics. I have also been having fun making little ties for Carter. These little ties are legit too; they really tie. No clip or elastic on them. Now he really is just like his Daddy when he wears a tie. :)


Melanie said...

Jenny! The kids easter clothes are SO DARLING!!! seriously Jen Im not suprised. Jemma looks like a European folk princess and Carter is a stud with that awesome tie!
love you guys!


April said...

Here is a trick you can use next year when you dye your eggs... instead of using a spoon to get them out or put them in use a wire wisk it will hold the egg in place and no messy hands or broken eggs when putting them in and pulling them out.


Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow, I should make my own dye next year too--I love all the bright colors! And the Easter outfits are darling! Is that another portabellopixie pattern? I think I might have to buy it . . . Happy Easter!

The Pitts Family said...

All the pictures are so cute. Carter has the best smile! And I really think I would like to make a tie too, all your turn out great. Glad you had a great easter!

Eric and Jewels said...

I love Jemma's dress and Carter's tie!!! They looked so dang cute! I'm glad you guys had a fun Easter!

Memories By Natalie said...

So cute! I love Jemma's dress and Carter's tie. you are so talented!