Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Visitor

We had a little visitor on our back porch this morning. I was upstairs blow-drying my hair when I heard Jemma and Carter yelling, "It's A Rat!!! A Rat!"
What the?...?...
I rushed downstairs to see what they were talking about, and there on our porch was this little guy.
Pretty sure it's a ferret...not a rat.
(Sorry the pics are a little unclear...I was being a big chicken and took these through the screen door.)
Look how brave I got! This one is with the door WIDE open! He kept trying to get into my bag of potting soil...Jemma and Carter also said he was checking out the little garbage can we keep poopy diapers nasty would that have been if he had ripped those open!

Carter and Jemma mesmerized by the little visitor.

Jemma thought he might be back there for the following reasons:
"I think he's looking for food because he's hungry."
"He's looking for a bed to sleep in because he's tired."
"He might be looking for some medicine to drink, cuz animals get sick too."


Eric and Jewels said...

Cool! Do you guys have wild ferrets in Oregon or does that little guy belong to one of your neighbors? Jemma's reasons for it being on your back porch were so cute!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow! That's pretty cool! I love Jemma's musings on why the ferret was there too. She is getting so big! Her voice on our machine sounded very grown-up! Thanks for the birthday phone call! I'll be calling you soon so we can chat. :)

Kristina said...

You guys really should have given him some of your medicine! What a wierd visitor. I'm just grossed out that Jefferson actually 'touched' it.