Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reed Update

So, things have been a little bit hectic around the Reed residence these days...boxes everywhere and all the insanity that goes along with moving...especially a long distance move. (I guess I really can't complain. It's only one state over...) Anyway, I just thought I'd put a few new pics on to letcha know we're still surviving. Sadly, I didn't have any new ones of Brandon, but I'm sure I'll get a few shots on Saturday of him LOADING UP THE TRAILER!!!
This one is just me and the kids relaxing after a long tiring day of...more packing...
Same day... Carter was just sitting in his bouncer and Jemma pulled her booster seat up to him and was chatting with her "wittle buddy, baby catar"... he LOVES her so much...he just beams when she talks to him.
Jemma in the tree in the front yard...I think this was after one of the yard sales we had...just one of our many attempts to de-clutter.
Carter is holding his head up really well these days...he still has a tendency to just put his head down and fall asleep. Too cute...I love the way babies wrinkle their brows!
One more shot of the little man...he looks like he could join my dad at the office! (I believe Friday is their official Hawaiian shirt day.) He is such a little sweet heart...major snuggler...and by the way, he's sleeping through the night! NINE hours a night and he's two months, sixteen days old. WHAT A CHAMP!


aj said...

good luck with the big move. I feel your pain.

aisha said...

Hope your move goes well! Oregon is a great state-my aunt & uncle and my grandparents live in Medford.

trish said...

Good luck with the move, that is always a busy crazy time of life! your little family is so cute, I can't believe how much your baby has changed from the last pictures, he is a cutey!

Sharee & Arthur said...

Wow, I can't believe how big Carter is getting! And sleeping through the night? What an angel. That's so cute that he just loved Jemma so much. Good luck with the move. Those are always stressful! (you're probably already moved!)