Sunday, August 3, 2008

Let me just say that I really, really don't like the word "goodbye". I'll try not to get all sappy, but I just had to do a post that was dedicated to my AwEsOmE sister, Jewels and her husband, Eric. We spent our last evening in Rexburg, Idaho at their home, and all I can say is, packing the kids up and heading for our empty home came way too quickly.
Jewels has been our #1 babysitter (along with my sister Melanie when she was up here) ever since we moved to Idaho. I sometimes wonder if she knows Jemma better than I do! :o) Her willingness to help our family out allowed me to work a couple of days a week as a Dental Hygienist to support our family while Brandon went to school. And ever since Eric joined the family, he has been just as eager and willing to assist us with the kids (and anything else that requires a little muscle for that matter).
About a week ago, Jewels and Eric were gone to Washington, and not a day went by that Jemma didn't ask "Where's Jew?", or say, "Jew and Ewic are coming!!!?".
I truly wonder how she will handle things when she realize that today was more than just, "Goodbye, I'll see you later"...(which of course it sort of was), but that it will really be a long time before she gets to see two of her best buds again.
I just have to say to the both of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously, you have been the perfect definition of family. We will miss you both terribly and owe you so much for all the sacrifices you have made on our behalf. Thanks for giving us back "Date Night" and sharing every Sunday dinner with us.
Thanks for helping pack a ton of boxes, taking Jemma on walks, accompanying me to the duck pond, being a great listener, and soooooo, so, much more.
Thank you Jewels for being such a wonderful friend! I don't know what I'm going to do in Oregon without a sister!
I have to say that I have truly been blessed to have five WONDERFUL sisters, all of whom I love dearly and consider my closest friends. I am so thankful to know that families are eternal and that I can be with not only my sisters, but all of my family - Brandon, Jemma, Carter, parents, brothers, grandparents - for eternity.


The Anderson Family said...

Well thanks Jenny I thought I was done crying and then I checked your blog :) Eric and I will miss you guys just as much. We've really enjoyed all the time we've been blessed to spend with you and your little family, Sunday dinners wont be the same. Thanks for being such a wonderful example, sister and friend. Good luck out in Oregon and I promise to be better at updating my blog :) I love you guys!!

Sharee & Arthur said...

Jen-you made me cry too. I feel the same way about our five sisters. Never had the privilege of living close to one since I've been married, though. I bet it's the best!!! So when Brandon is finished with school, y'all should come open a practice in ALBUQUERQUE! How's the unpacking coming? I hope everything went smoothly for you. lots of love!!!!

trish said...

Good luck with the whole move. Change like that can be stressful, but once you get settled in it's fun to be somewhere NEW! I hope you like it in Oregon, it's beautiful!!

Melanie said...

I just joined in on the crying club. seriously, I LOVE ALL you guys! I hope jemma is holding up ok without aunt "Jew"! good luck in Oregon!! see you guys this christmas!!


Mason & Laura said...

Saying goodbye definitely sucks. Your sisters are all so sweet. Thank goodness for computers, phones, and all the many ways to make staying in touch easier! Speaking of which...Mason lost his phone and had to get a new one, which means he lost Brandon's cell phone number! And I would like your new address as well, when you get a chance :) Hope the move went well and you are getting settled!! (When does school start?)