Sunday, September 2, 2012

Visit to Lane Southern Orchards

We've made it a goal to do a little sight-seeing during our time here in Georgia in an attempt to get a feel for what Southern Living and "The South" really is.  Our first venture, albeit a small one, was to Lane Southern Orchards.  They specialize in fresh peaches, strawberries and pecans, have a darling gift shop complete with fresh peach ice cream, a pretty stellar play area with full-size tractors for the kids to play on, and...wait for it...U-Pick Zinnias for 10 cents a stem.  You better believe I picked TONS and had fresh flowers all over my house for the week following our excursion.  :)
We didn't stay for long cuz it was brutally hot and (dare I say) miserably humid, so embarrassing as it is to confess, we skipped the peach ice cream (we knew our kids would waste it) and topped off the outing with a trip to McDonalds for cheap ice cream and an air conditioned play area. :)
 Gavin and Carter on the tractors.

The kids playin' with the merry-go-round. 

Carter, Jemma (and Gavin's hand...he refused to be photographed with the flowers) in the Zinnias.
I am determined to plant and grow these myself next summer...I might just do half veggies, half cutting flowers in our massive backyard to replace the monstrous weed patch lawn.  Wouldn't that be AWESOME!  Now all I need to do is convince my sweet husband to help me rototill (<--spelling?) it all up.  :)~


Kristina said...

A U-Pick flower farm? I have never heard of such a wonderful thing. GA is awesome! I say go for it... rototill the whole yard! you are an amazing gardener and will transform it into something so beautiful, Southern Living magazine will be knocking on your door for a pic.

Sharee and Arthur said...

ooooh! Those zinnias are so pretty! Good job taking a little excursion. It looks really beautiful even if it's extremely hot and humid!

Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

I agree, so beautiful even though it's so hot and humid. I love fresh flowers! Make sure you take before and after pics of your yard when you get down to business. I can't wait to have a yard again.