Thursday, September 6, 2012

Teeth: The Good - The Bad - and The Gray

 We've had a lot of tooth business goin' on around this house during the last month.
The Good:
Jemma lost her two top front teeth.  They were both just dangling from her mouth in their final days  One she allowed me to remove...the 2nd, however, she decided she didn't want anyone to touch.  So, she went to bed with it hanging by a thread and awoke the next morning with it gone...and I mean GONE.  We're pretty sure she swallowed it cuz there was no sign of it dried blood and no tooth.
Her toothless grin sure is cute!

The Bad:
About a week and a half after we moved in, Gavin was jumping on the couch (which he does incessantly despite our constant reminders that we do not jump on the furniture).  He decided he would take a flying leap off the couch and landed on the coffee table...with his mouth.  Blood everywhere.  When I pulled his lip back to get a look at the damage, one front tooth was shoved backward and the other forward...both VERY loose.  I was without a car (ya, and we still just have one car.  It's awful!) and could tell he need immediate attention. So, I called and called and called Brandon's cell phone.  No answer.  All the while holding a screaming 2 year old.  I had no phone number for the clinic he works at (he'd only been there a couple days)...looked online - couldn't find anything...finally, 45 minutes later, he walks in the door.  His squadron had PT that afternoon and was playing ULTIMATE FRISBEE!  I was a wreck.  Thankfully, Brandon knew who to call and we were able to get Gavin into the dentist on base.  Unfortunately, there was really nothing they could do...just wait; hope they tighten back up without any infection.
Here's a profile and front shot a couple days after the incident.  He was so swollen for a good week.

The Gray:
Fortunately, his teeth have tightened back up and he didn't end up with any infection.  Unfortunately, those two teeth are turning gray.  I guess that's a small price to pay though.  He's lucky to still have those teeth!

You would think that after a traumatic experience like that, he would stop jumping on and off of furniture.  He is at this very moment flying off my bed into a giant pile of pillows and he still jumps on the couches.  Crazy kid!


Sharee and Arthur said...

Shoot!!! Sean has had a gray baby tooth for a few years now, also. Same kind of accident--But only one tooth was damaged. That is so frustrating when you can't get a hold of the husband! I remember a few times when Arthur was getting his masters, and we had only one car, and I couldn't get a hold of Arthur and I was on the verge of a panic attack as I frantically called and called and called! Oh the joys . . .

Melanie said...

I remember you telling me about Gavin! That story makes my teeth hurt! So did they turn grey because his two front teeth are dead? (Jade actually has a front tooth that is dead and kind of discolored). Jemma looks darling with her cute little toothless smile!
Love ya!


Kristina said...

Reagan is really intruiged by Gavin's mouth shots. She wont let me scroll down the page because she's "still looking at the picture!"
I can just imagine the panic you were in without a car/husband/phone number. I'm glad he came home early.

Pam said...

Oh the sadness! Poor Gavin! I too have found myself with one car and the need for a trip to the doctor... Lacey cut her hand and needed stitches and I had no car, and was babysitting three kids at the time :S Ah the joys of single car-ownership!

Might I suggest one thing? MY oldest (Lilia) fell when she was about Gavin's age and hit her tooth. It was loose and it also eventually tightened back up and turned gray. Keep your dentist in the loop with those teeth, Lilia's had died, and was not moving down with the rest of the baby teeth. We eventually had to have it pulled since it was obstructing the growth pattern of the adult tooth behind it. Good luck with that cute couch jumper!

Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

Yea for Jemma! Love her toothless smile! But so sad for Gavin! I'm glad he's okay except for his poor little gray teeth! They probably are dead, good news, they're baby teeth:) Kyrie's front tooth got knocked loose several times and we lovingly referred to it as her scraggle tooth. Brian eventually pulled it before it was time because it was slightly gray and well, scraggly looking;) Love you guys!

The Pitts Family said...

Awww, I am so sorry. ANd is sucks super bad to be stuck with no car! I am glad that his teeth are hanging in there and tightening back up, and I love the second to last picture ... hehe. Cute! Hope everything else is going well!