Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stockton Children's Museum

We (me and the kids, my mom, brother Nathan ((good sport - he's 15)), sister Natalie and her daughter Kyrie) went to the Stockton Children's Museum during our 2nd to last week in California.  Natalie and Kyrie came up from the San Diego area to visit, so we thought it an opportune time to go see something new.  :)
We went to the Portland Children's Museum A LOT when we lived in Oregon and it was insanely huge and packed with crazy cool stuff, so I tried not to have high expectations for this one...just didn't want to be disappointed, but truthfully, although it was smaller, they had some great stuff and a lot of things the Portland version didn't!  Like, a real fire engine, police motorcycle, ambulance, city bus and police car that the kids could go inside and explore.  Carter and Gavin could have stayed there the whole time.

 I think even Nathan liked the motorcycle.  :)

 They had an art room with playdough, collage supplies, a chalk board and water painting.  Can you name the character Nathan was painting here???
They had a little section all about magnents; Mom and Natalie got this magnetic track set up just right so the ball would travel all the way down without falling off or getting stuck.  Nicely done ladies.  :)

They also had a mini grocery store that was a huge hit with the kids.  Kyrie ran the cash register for a while and Jemma took care of the deli/bakery while the boys shopped their hearts out.  (Not pictured are the adults restocking all the shelves with their discarded purchases.)

 In the art room:
Kyrie and Jemma getting creative...

...and Gavin with playdough.  What do you think of the snake he made?  J/K.  Nathan  did that.  He also made a pretty impressive cobra but I didn't snap a picture before Gavin smashed it up.  :(
That was a fun morning!  Thanks for treating us Mom!  (MISS YOU!!!)

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Sharee and Arthur said...

Looks like fun! I didn't know there was anything like that up in Stockton. And the character Nathan was drawing was none other than TROGDOR the burn-a-nator!