Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July Festivites 2012

On our trek out east, we stopped and stayed 3 nights in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Two of my darling sisters, Sharee and Julianne live there with their wonderful families and another sister, Emma flew down from Idaho to spend a few days, so it was one rockin' party!  We timed our visit just right so we could be with family on the 4th of July and it was one of the funnest Fourths I've had a in long time.  (Possibly because it's been so long since we spent that holiday with family.)
It was a party from start to finish.  The boys (Brandon, Eric and Arthur) started out the day by running a 5k while the girls ate a delicious breakfast casserol with fresh fruit and juice.  (That is a much better start in my opinion.)  We then headed off to join in the neighborhood bike/wagon/scooter parade.  My kids were so darn excited about this.  We've watched a lot of parades on the 4th, but this was the first time our kids were in one.

Left:  Carter rockin' Daphne's scooter.  Right:  Dallin, Hayden and Daphne on their bikes. 

Left:  Sydney is Sharee and Arthur's youngest and I just adore her curles.  I have to resist playing with her hair everytime I'm near her!
Right:  Poor Jemma fell on the way to the parade and skinned up her knees pretty good, but Sharee had a friend who lived close by, so they bandaged her up and ran most of the parade route to catch up.  Thanks again Sharee for taking care of her!
Left to right; Emma, Jewel, me and Sharee

The parade ended at a park where the real festivities ensued.  Above, the whole clan.  :)
Left to right (back row): Carter. Sharee, Arthur, me, Brandon, Jemma, Daphne, Dallin, Emma, Jewel and Eric.
Left to right (front row):  Gain, Lily (turned around in the wagon), Sydney, Hayden, Sean, and Caleb.

Jemma with cousins Dallin and Daphne.
They had a massive ice chest chuck ful with popsicles and ice cream sandwiches.  Every time I turned around, my kids had a new one in their mouth.
There were all kinds of contests, of which one was a watermelon eating contest.  None of my children wanted to participate, but Dallin and Daphne had a go and did pretty darn well!

The Anderson clan enjoying popsicles and ice cream sandwiches.  :)

They also had three leged races and gunny-sack races.  Jemma, despite her injured legs, wanted to participate.  She raced with this cute little toe head...I can't remember his name - I did ask after they finished...and they finished somewhere in the middle.  :)

Brandon and Eric teamed up and took 1st.  Crazy boys busted their leg band after they crossed the finish line...if you look at the center photo above, you can clearly see why.  ;)

 I'm am generally not the out-going type...I don't like to be in the spot light.  However, Sharee and Emma encouraged me and Jewel to participate in the three legged race (in which we didn't do so bad)...and I even participated in the gunny sack which I did HORRIBLY!  It was embarrassing really.  I think I came in 3rd to last place.  And you know, it probably wouldn't have been that bad, except my sister Sharee is a pro in the gunny sack.  I swear she practices with pillow cases cuz she won 1st by a WIDE margine.  Ok, so she doesn't practice.  She is just super talented.
 Here we are at the start...and there are no pics of us in between together, cuz both Sharee and Emma left me in the dust.  I was just glad I didn't fall.
 Emma, Sharee (with her major award) and me after the race.

 Random picture of Emma on Dallin's bike...or maybe it's Sean's, or even Daphne's...anyway, she rocks.

Later that evening, we had an awesomely delicious bbq at the Gariety's (I think that may have been after naps...which were heavenly) and then Arthur treated us to a firework show in the front yard.  It was superb.

A little sparkler fun.  I. Love. Sparklers.  Brings back GREAT memories.  :)

 Most of the clan watching the show.  All the nieces and nephews wanted to sit with Aunt Emma.  She is pretty darn awesome!  And, I love that Lily looks like she's praying in this picture.  Too cute.

Left:  Arthur, prepping for the action.  Right:  one of the entertaining fireworks.  (He set off A LOT...and there were some big ones.)
Hayden and Carter.
 Brandon and Gavin.

In addition to a fabulous 4th of July, Brandon and Arthur went golfing on the 5th while all the sisters got pedicures, went out to lunch and shopped for a "project" (which I still need to finish...have any of you ladies completed yours???).  The kids played their hearts out, ate a ton of popsicles, and had a down right too-fun time.  (Carter keeps asking when Hayden and Sean are coming to see us cuz he misses them so much.)  We ate amazing food (I still need to get your Orange Chicken recipe, Jewel), celebrated Lily's birthday, complete with a pinyata, and had a glow-stick dance party our last night there.  It. Was. Awesome.
We had so much stinkin' fun with those guys in Albuquerque.  I really wished that had been our final destination and had to give myself a serious pep talk when it came time to leave.
Thanks again you guys for all the fun!  We love you to pieces!!!

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