Monday, June 11, 2012

The boys' birthdays

 May was an insane month.
I'm still recovering...and that's why I'm just now posting about celebrating Carter's and Gavin's birthdays.
These boys were born 2 years and 6 days apart, so I imagine we'll be doing a joint celebration for these guys a lot in the future...that is, unless they mind.
This year, they had no choice.  We were leaving for Oregon (for Brandon's graduation) the day after Carter's real birthday and driving home on Gavin's, so, we didn't ask...we just planned to celebrate Carter turning 4 and Gavin turning 2 the Saturday before the craziness.
These boys LOVE ice cream, so we decided we'd have an ice cream sundae party.  We even borrowed ice cream makers from my parents and made home made vanilla and chocolate ice cream.  Turns out the boys don't appreciate, I will not be doing that again in the near future.  We enjoyed it though!  :)
Here they are staring at/playing in their ice cream...Carter looks skeptical.  Gavin is waiting for Carter to try it before he gives it a shot.

They even shared their cake this year...
...and blowing out the candles.  (It was fairly winding that evening, so thank Granddad and Grandma Debbie for blocking the wind so the boys could have a shot at blowing out the flame.)  :)

We invited all the Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunts, Uncles and even some G.Grandma's and G.Grandpa's, so present opening was a bit like Christmas.  Carter and Gavin got their summer wardrobes and more toys-to-boot.  :)  I am attempting to make something for each of my children on their birthdays, so Carter got a wallet (which, I am pleased to say, he takes everywhere with him...tucks it in his back pocket, just like his dad) and Gavin got a backpack.  He could care less about that thing.  :(  Maybe someday he'll appreciate it.  It may also be that the useful/nifty nature of the backpack was overshadowed by the AWESOME lawnmower my parents gave him.  He was STOKED, and still is if I'm honest.  He plays with it everyday, and is finally getting good at sharing it with his brother.  :)

Thanks to all of the family that came to help us celebrate these boys' lives.  We sure love them!
p.s.  Gavin would NOT part with his lawnmower that night...I tried to park it by his bed, but he would have none of that.  It had to be on his bed.  Then, I heard a bit of commotions later that evening, and when I went in to check on him, he was dragging the lawnmower back onto his bed.  Apparently it had fallen off, and he was putting it back where it belonged.  :)


Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh my word! I love that he was sleeping with his lawn mower AND that he put it back in his bed when it fell out! That's is super funny. You're happy birthday banner is amazing. Maybe you could make me one when you guys have our name for Christmas in like, seven years, (not that I'm counting down.)

Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

Wow, amazing birthday banner! I'm with Sharee, counting down the years until you guys have our name for Christmas, ha ha! Love it! It looked like a fun birthday party! Your family is so cute. Love you guys.

-tracy said...

What a fun time! Happy birthday to the boys. You are such a thoughtful and talented mom. And add me to the list of banner-admirers.

Kristina said...

Yeah, what a fun birthday celebration! Gavin and his lawnmower are so cute. I love the picture of him with balloons trailing behind him! The backpack is really cute too. Miss you guys!