Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baseball Camp

Carter has been asking for months to play soccer, baseball, football, anything! So, In March, I signed him (and Brandon:) up for a little athleticism.
Carter and Brandon participated in a Tiny Tot Baseball camp during the months of April and May.  It was hosted and run by the Ceres Fire Department, so that meant in addition to playing baseball every Saturday for an hour with his dad, he also got to hang out with real fire men and see fire trucks up close and personal.  Very cool.
The last day of the camp was a game (of sorts) for all the tiny tot teams.  It consisted of each child batting until he/she hit the ball, the children in the outfield dog-piling/scrambling over one another to retrieve said ball, and the batter then running frantically to base.  Darling and very funny. 

Carter is actually becoming a very good batter.  This was his first swing of the's a little hard to see the ball in the bottom pic cuz it blends in with the grass, so look closely.

Right:  Waiting in out field to catch a ball. Left:  Dad prepping him to run to the next base.

Right:  Getting tired.  Left:  Very thirsty.
His team.

Despite Carter's love for baseball and athletics, he started out the camp deathly shy and cried almost every time he attended simply because he was embarrassed to run the bases or get up and hit the ball or whatever else they asked him to do.  However, by the end of the 4 week session, he had built up some confidence and (with less coaxing) would participate.  We're proud of you Carter and really enjoyed watching you play baseball!


Kristina said...

Adorable! I love the matching shirts. I bet Carter loved doing this with Brandon. I can't wait to see him hit a homerun next year. You have one athletic boy... I've seen him in action!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Cute! Glad he had fun even though it was painful to get into at the beginning. That's fun that he got to do it with his daddy.

Melanie said...

That's cool that they involve the dads! Carter is so cute in his little sports attire! I'm glad he got over his shyness because he's got some sweet athletic skills.