Monday, March 14, 2011

Today's the day.
We have talked about these for almost 3 years now.
Just waiting for them to come and get them over with.
The preparation on Brandon's end has been grueling. Poor guy. But I must say he's done an exceptional job of still trying to pitch in at home and give the kids and me a bit of attention. However, if we're being completely honest, the stress level in our home will go way down once they're over!
The first of three sets is finally here. (Bittersweet really...bitter that poor Brandon has to spend two full days taking an unbelievably difficult exam and that there is no more time to prepare. Sweet that once it is over, we can spend Spring Break thinking and talking about something other than boards!)
Brandon, we just want you to know that you're in our prayers today! You are gonna do GREAT! (No pressure.)
Love you!
Jen and the kiddos


Sharee and Arthur said...

Good luck, Brandon! You're ready.

The Hatfields said...

Brandon will do great I'm sure.
And I'm happy for you that it's almost over. I hope you celebrate! Sounds like you all deserve it.

Nawatha said...

We are so proud of all of you. Brandon for doing such a great job juggling all this stress over the board test and his family, and Jenny and the kids for helping him so much and being there for him so much. What a great family!!!!! Love you guys

Memories By Natalie said...

We love you and have felt your pain!