Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm laughing out loud before I even start writing this.

Yesterday when it came to making Sunday dinner (which is generally supposed to be the nicest, most delicious meal of the week) I was scrounging around in the kitchen looking for something, anything that you could put together and call a meal. It had been some time since I'd been to the grocery store.

I hate grocery shopping. And I hate it even more if I have to do it in the rain.

Anyway. I found a box of stuffing our neighbors had given us when they moved, one chicken breast, some frozen corn, a few carrotts, a can of cream of chicken soup and some sour cream...

there's a recipe on the back of the stuffing box for "Easy Chicken Bake". So I threw it together and served it up for dinner. When Brandon placed it in front of Carter he took one look at it and yelled, "YUCK!" Alright, so maybe it looked like it had been regurgitated, but it smelled, and tasted just fine.

Then tonight, after grocery shopping (in the rain), I made that italian chicken with the cream cheese in the sauce that you put over white rice. Again, Carter was not impressed with the main course on our dinner menu. He was so stubborn about not eating it that he missed out on brownies after FHE. That's huge.

So, it came as no surprise that his prayer before bed went something like this;

"Deaw Heanly Fadder, thank thee foe this day. Thank thee foe bweafas and not dinnew cuz it's yucky. And I not have bwonies. In name of Jesus Chwis, Amen."
I'll try to come up with something non-yucky for dinner tomorrow. Just for you Carter. :)


The Hatfields said...

hahaha. that made me laugh.
there was one night i made dijon mustard chicken with rice. the night ended with crying(harper), yelling(dawson), and gagging(dylan). i'll email you the recipe. carter will appreciate it.

Kristina said...

That's too funny, it made me laugh. I love that boy! I can just hear him say that. At least he's still enjoying his 'bweafas'.
I totally know what you mean about shopping in the rain... or shopping at all! And then there's trudging to the laundry room. I have to do both tomarrow, ugg!

The Pitts Family said...

I hate grocery shopping too. It is the task that I dislike the most. And Ezra is the same way. In fact, he would rather go to bed without dinner at all, than eat, say, baked macaroni and cheese or something disgusting like that. Good luck!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Ha!! We're all laughing out loud over here. Thank thee for breakfast, but not dinner cause it's yucky. I love it!

Mitch n' Molly said...

LOVE your little Carter man! He says it like it is! This is the BEST story! oh and grocery shopping IS for the birds!

Eric and Jewels said...

I love Carter and I love how sincere and honest his prayer was!! Thanks for sharing I got a good laugh. Love you lots!

Jas and Rach said...

THat is awesome. Love those honest kid prayers!!