Friday, February 18, 2011


Jemma has been growing her hair out. For months now, she's talked about having hair like Rapunzel. But the other day, we were looking at pictures of the kids (most of which showed her with short hair) and she turned to me and said, "I think I just want my hair short".
I LOVE short hair, so, an hour later, it was done.

Brandon and I
And so does she. She keeps telling me it feels SO GOOD - no hair on her neck and in her face. And technically, Rupunzel ends up with short hair. So, Jemma's hair is still like Rapunzel's after all!

I have to confess too, I have a bit of hair envy. I'm trying to grow mine out and when I cut Jem's off, I was SOOOOO tempted to call and schedule myself a hair appointment.
I held strong hair cut...yet.


Kristina said...

You did a great job. I may just schedule Reagan's next haircut with you.

The Kenyons said...

You did awesome! I thought you took her somewhere to get it done! Do you want to do Makenna's? :) She too is growing her's out to be like Rapunzel...I am just WAITING for the day she says we can cut it!

Sharee and Arthur said...

love it! you did a great job, Jen. Tell her I love her short hair too! Not to make it harder for you to grow your hair out, but me, Jewels, and Emma all got our hair cut last night. Emma went super short! I'll post a picture soon!

Eric and Jewels said...

Jen you are so talented!! Jemma's new hair cut is adorable I absolutely love it! Way to go on holding strong and growing your hair out like Sharee mentioned we all chopped our hair off last night :) Pictures coming soon to my blog but Sharee will probably get them up first cause I've been a major slacker as of late. N-e-ways I love you lots!!

The Pitts Family said...

Her hair looks awesome! I too love short hair, obviously. But hers suits her perfectly. And yours looks very cute too, by the way. You can do it. Stay strong, unless of course you don't want to, then just cut it! Because yours looks awesome short too.

The Browning Family said...

Her hair is so cute! I have been trying to convince Makinley to cut hers for a while now. She won't budge!!