Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bum Thumb

Monday night, we decided to take the kids bowling for the first time...they were SOOOO excited. We had them all shoed up, Jemma took her first turn (assisted by Daddy)...
...and then Carter was up. He insisted on carrying his ball (which was a light-weight one by the way) all by himself. That would have been fine had he seen the 3 inch step at the edge of the bowling platform. (Look at the photo of Jem and Carter below to see the step I'm refering's at the bottom of the picture.) And you know, even that would have been fine if the bowling ball hadn't fallen on his thumb just right and popped it like a tomato. Poor boy. He'd already sliced the index finger on that hand earlier that day (hence the bandaid that's already present).
It actually took us a while to even find where all the blood was coming from...his little hand (and my hands if I'm being honest) were covered and he did some serious resisting when I tried to clean it off. So, after Jemma and Brandon finished the fastest game of bowling EVER, it was off to the ER for the first time. (For being married 6+ years and having 3 kids, I'd say we've done pretty well.)

Gavin was a trooper while we were at the bowling alley. He DOES NOT like his carseat, but didn't fuss once while we were there even though he was stuck in it the whole time since I had Carter on my lap and Brandon was assisting Jemma.
There's Carter's thumb wrapped in a paper towel at the bowling alley.

Brandon was the lucky parent and got to take Carter to the hospital. After a couple x-rays, we found out he'd broken a piece of the bone off the tip of his thumb...if my scanner worked, I would scan in the pic they gave us and show you, but it doesn't. Sorry.
He ended up with 2 stitches and was placed on antibiotics (which smells terrible, by the way, so I can only imagine the taste) for his "open fracture wound".

Here's what his thumb looks like today, 5 days after he smashed it.
There's still a little guaze stuck to where they stitched him up. (In case you're wondering what that white stuff is.) But all in all, it's looking MUCH better.
(Do you think he needs that nail trimmed?!?)


Kristina said...

OUCH! oh that poor boy! his thumb looks aweful, I can't even imagine how it feels. But that trooper is still smiling and happy. I hope he heals up fast.

Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh my goodness, poor Carter! You guys have done remarkably well if this is your first ER visit, for sure. Arthur was the lucky parent who went with Sean for his stitches a couple years ago. I'm glad the dads are brave to go!

Jen said...

oh my! That hurts me just looking at it. I can't imagine how he felt! Popped it like a tomato,eh? Nice way to put it :)

Sierra said...

So sad. I was bummed when I saw his cute little thumb today :( He was so good, though. What a trooper. You too, by the way.

Mitch n' Molly said...

Poor little Carter! What a freak accident! I guess thats the price of having fun, sometimes we get hurt! Give him a big hug for me!

Katie and Randy said...

oh poor little guy! sounds like carter was a trooper about the whole incident. the thumb is the worst finger to injure, you use it for everything. sure hope he is healing quickly!