Friday, November 5, 2010

Any reason for a photo shoot

Last Sunday, I was pulling clothes out of the kids closets to iron for church, and low and behold...
they had stuff that matched!!!
Any excuse to go take pics right? EsPeCiAlLy if it's NOT raining! :)

The kids were pretty cooperative...Jemma especially likes "photo shoots"...Carter on the other hand takes a little bribery, but with a piece of gum in his mouth he was much quicker to give a smile. (But only one or two.)

We sure love these three and can't believe how quickly they are changing. Gotta capture as much of it as we can, right!?


Aaron and Steph said...

oh my gosh Jenny they are so darling!

Kristina said...

and... I love Gavin's smile!

Sharee and Arthur said...

That's right!!! besides, you never know when your camera will break. :)

They are so cute, Jen. And I love their matching outfits.

The Pitts Family said...

YOU kids are so beautiful. And their clothes are pretty darn cute too. Gavin is getting so big!