Monday, November 8, 2010

Bicycle Riding

I think it was two springs ago that Jemma REALLY wanted a, we headed to Target and picked up the most girly bike (within our budget) we could find, took it home, and after one or two tries, she wouldn't have anything to do with it. I remember taking her outside and trying to bribe her to ride the darn thing with treats and what not. In fact, I distinctly remember purchasing little fairy wings and a wand (from the dollar store)...but she didn't give a flying leap about it all. She was NOT going to get on that bike.

So, at the beginning of the summer, when she hopped on her bike and started riding it all on her own, I remember standing at the kitchen window in utter awe, SO GRATEFUL she was finally riding that bike that had been sitting in the rain on our back porch for a year and a half, rusting.
However, I definitely did not expect her to try the ultimate challenge of riding her bike WITHOUT the training wheels for at least another year. But, I have a friend who mentioned removing the pedals along with the training wheels and letting her learn to balance and then put the pedals back on.

MIRACLE!!! We took her pedals off and let her coast around on her bike for a couple weeks, stuck the pedals back on last Saturday and watched her take off. FABULOUS!!!

So, now that she has learned to ride that pink bike, it might be time to upgrade in size...she's pedaling like a mad-man and her knees are almost knocking the handlebars!


Here's a little clip of the big accomplishment.


Sara said...

Good work Jemma!

Sharee and Arthur said...

yahoo for Jemma! What a champ. She looks so proud of herself in that picture. I love it! And, that is a pretty cool idea about removing the pedals for awhile . . . Maybe we'll try that with Sean.

Kristina said...

Yeah Jemma, she's flying!
I like the sound effects, Jen.

Melanie said...

okay, she's adorable! I love that picture Jen, great job! It totally captures the moment, I'm diggin that hat as well and her cute leggings!!


The Pitts Family said...

I love that trick. We will definitely be trying that with Ryan once she is ready. Our problem is that we do have a bike the next size up, but it is too big for her to learn on. We should have gotten a smaller one. Hey maybe we can swap for a bit. :)

Eric and Jewels said...

Yeah!! Jemma has conquered the bike! I love how she cuts corners and rides on the lawn (sidewalks are so boring n-e-ways) Love you!!

Mason & Laura said...

Ok so #1, it's hilarious she decides in WINTER to start riding her bike, which means #2 she gets to ride in her RAINBOOTS and she's still a pro. Now that is quite the accomplishment, what a cutie!