Sunday, September 5, 2010


This morning, Carter was asking Jemma if she wanted to play cars with him...these two are generally better parallel players rather than interactive players, so I complimented Carter on inviting Jemma to play with him, to which he responded,

"That's a warm fuzzy! "

me: "That's right, that's a warm fuzzy."

Carter: "And warm m&ms."
(This boy loves m&ms and will do ANYTHING for them.)
A few other things the kids have said that crack me up:

"I want diamonds!" (diamonds = vitamins)
"Gavin's spitting!!!" (It's generally just a bit of drool.)
(While I'm sewing...)
"Stop Mom! It's making loudy!"
(This is the jist of a conversation we had the other day.)
me: Jemma, can you stop growing?
Jemma: No Mom, I have to get bigger and bigger until I'm a mom.
me: But then you'll leave me!
Jemma: No Mom, I can be your kitchen girl!
me: Does that mean you'll do all the cooking and cleaning for meals?
Jemma: Ya, mom!
me: If you're a mom though, that means you'll have a husband. Where will he stay?
Jemma: Here! He can be in the kitchen too!


aj said...

Are you kidding me? You're so lucky! I'd pay big bucks for a kitchen girl.

Sharee and Arthur said...

Warm m&m's! Carter and Hayden are two peas in a pod. Hayden will do just about anything for a treat too. And I love your kitchen girl conversation with Jemma.