Friday, September 3, 2010

Like father like son.

Need I say more?

There may be one difference.
Brandon doesn't usually golf in Lightning McQueen jammies and flip-flops.


aj said...

Maybe if Brandon had Lightning McQueen pjs, he would. ...just sayin'.

Sharee and Arthur said...

love it. he's so cute in those little jammies and his golf club that's way too big for him.

Sharee and Arthur said...

p.s. my doctor said it's typical for your hair to fall out around 3 months post-partum, so you're right on schedule. when mine starts falling out, I think I'm gonna get an even shorter haircut. less hair to deal with. don't worry. I love you even if you are going bald. :)

The Pitts Family said...

cutest thing I ever saw, hands down.
p.s. does my blog work now?