Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jibber Jabber

Gavin is changing SO much.
He talks, and coos,
when he wants attention
or when he's in the bathtub...
not sure if that's because he thinks it's above and beyond fun,
or if it's because it's wiggin' him out.

Anyhow, here's the little guy havin' a chat with me.


Sierra said...

SO stinkin cute!!!

Sara said...

Such a cutie! I love how he lights up when he hears his mama's voice, you can see how much he loves you! Precious!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh my goodness, he's talking so much! I just want to pinch those luscious cheeks!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Hey, they will match for Halloween! We are doing Toy Story this year. Dallin-Zurg, Daphne-Jesse, Sean-Buzz, Hayden-Woody, Me and Arthur--Mr. & Mrs. Potato head, and we're not sure about Sydney. Maybe she'll be one of the green aliens. Or maybe we'll just dress her in pink and she can be Ham (that pig.) I'm not sure what she'll be. Gavin will make a VERY cute potato head!

The Soiseth Family said...

You guys have another cutie on your hands...he will soon be getting lots of kisses from Auntie Jade!