Friday, March 19, 2010

the True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

This morning, Jemma got me out of bed at 6:45.
She got dressed without me asking. at. all.
She made MY bed. (I have to remind her MaNy times every morning to make her own!)
She set the table and got cereal and milk out. (She sets the table when asked...but has NEVER put breakfast on the table.)

She absolutely could not wait for our trip to see "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs" performed by the Oregon Children's Theatre.
We went with some other friends and had so much fun!
Thank you Molly for holding a Drama Class for our kids for the last few months and for planning this FABULOUS fieldtrip as their final activity. We had SUCH a WONDERFUL time.
Me and Jemma in front of a picture of the Big Bad Wolf/Alexander T. Wolf.
Most of the crew that went with us. (There were 14 of us total...PARTY!!) Kids (L to R): Apollo, Jacob, Brigham, Elle, Hope, Jemma and Miles. Moms (L to R): Molly and Kristina.

Me and Jemma just waiting for the show to start.

Of course, there was no photography allowed once the production started...I wish I had been able to snap a shot of the stage; the set was SOOOO cute and the actors and actresses had such clever, cute costuming! I was thoroughly impressed by the whole thing and am pretty sure the kids enjoyed it as well. Witty and humorous with fun music from start to finish...we even got to participate in the production as the jury! The fate of Alexander T. Wolf was entirely in our hands...can you guess what the verdict was??? NoT GuIlTy!

Thanks again Molly! We have sure enjoyed being part of Molly's Theatre Troupe!


Kristina said...

You sure are fast at posting! Wasn't it fun? I can't stop talking about it. I'm pretty sure I liked the show more than the kids! Look at those cute picture... Jemma LOVED her mommy-alone time. Next time Jemma is that excited about doing something... send her over to my house to make my bed too :-)

Sharee and Arthur said...

That is so cute that she was that excited to go! And I love that you got to go just the two of you. :) What fun! Got your letter and my earrings in the mail today--thanks for sending those! You're much faster at putting things in the mail than I am. I have thank-you notes for Grammy & Grandpa from Christmas that I still haven't mailed yet!!!!

The Andersons said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!! And I totally loved how excited Jemma was for it. Oh and I'm so glad that you put pictures up that show your cute belly!! I was going to ask you and Sharee to get crackin on that but now all I have to do is get on Sharee :) By-the-way you look fantastic!! You're totally glowing in the pictures with your super cute Jemma. Hey are you still swimming? Love you lots!!

trish said...

How cute is that. LOVE IT! And I have to say you are so adorable pregnant, seriously I am so impressed!

Travis and Heather said...

Gorgeous pillow shams, they made me hyperventilate. I duunot sew so dern good as you does. Isn't Molly amazing. Tell her to move her will you! Hawaii looked like the dream I have always imagined it is. How fun to spend such a fabulous vacation with your family!