Thursday, January 21, 2010

Play house Adventure!

Aunt Sheryl gave the kids this AwEsOmE playhouse for's made of super sturdy cardboard and it's meant to be colored, painted, etc. I took pics and videoed the first time we got it out, but seriously, it has been something the kids play with/color on EVERY DAY since. They love it!

Thanks again Aunt Sheryl!

Our initial experience with it was BEYOND messy! Anyone who knows me well knows, I get a little stressed out in messy situations...I was pretty proud of myself this go around. I totally kept my cool and just kept thinking, "there's nothing a little soap and water won't take off." :) (And luckily, the kids were still in their pj's and due for a bath anyway!)


Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh my word! Jen, way to stay calm in a messy situation. Carter had more paint on him than the house did, I think. What a fun present, though!

Eric & Jewels said...

I have to agree with Sharee way to go on staying so calm with Carter as he used more paint on himself than the house :) It looked like they were having a blast though. Super fun idea the cardboard playhouse reminds me of the movie Peter Pan (stage version).

Melanie said...

AAAH! so cool!! I want a sturdy cardboard house that I can paint on! RAD!
also I tried to watch the video but it was saying that it was nolonger available?? hmmm
love you!


Reed Family said...

Hey Mel, not sure why the video wouldn't play, but it should work now...I went in and reposted it. Love you! Jen

Melanie said...

Finally got to watch that video!!
so cute!!! I love how you said "only finger painting on one side, finger painting is messy, we'll use crayons for the rest" haaha! and then Carter smacked Jemma right on the head and she handled it pretty well!! haa!