Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in Cali

After spending 8 days in Albuquerque, we headed over to California to see Brandon's family. We had such a good time spending time with all of them. The kids were RiDicUlOuSlY spoiled with all the gifts...we sure appreciate every ones generosity and hope they know how much our children love them. Here are just a few pictures of stuff during our stay.
Carter, Jemma and their cousin Trey...AdOrAbLe huh!
Jemma and Carter before church...I LOVE that headband! (Thank you Great Grandpa and Grandma Vince and Donna) fact, I love it so much that I asked Jemma if I could borrow it the other day. :)

The whole Ben and Tina Zamaroni Family: Me, Jemma, Carter, Brandon, Nina holding Trey, Ben, Jade and Taylor.

Aunt Jade with Trey and Carter. They are sitting in front of an Aggravation game that her and Brandon's Grandpa MADE! Very cool. Brandon and I played against Jade and Taylor (we were the first ones to EVER play on that board.) and just BARELY lost...very close game.
Trey, Jemma and Aunt Jade.
Brandon and Gram...had to get a shot of this...he's always sitting on her lap. :)
I thought this was so cute. Jemma and Carter were watching a movie together on this little TV while at Pop and Gram's house before we opened gifts.
Carter wearing the glasses Jemma got in her dress-up kit from Aunt Jade, Uncle Taylor and cousin Trey.
Jemma all decked out. She looks so cute when she puts all this stuff on. It's funny, since we've been back, she's taken to dressing all kinds of things up...the piano bench, the playhouse, etc. Everything looks better with a little glitz. :)
We had a wonderful time in California and always feel like the time goes by so quickly. We sure have been blessed though to see family as often as we do.


Eric & Jewels said...

Jemma's dress up outfit is awesome!! Love those glasses they're so sassy and look great on both Carter and Jemma :)Personally I'd like to see you and Brandon sport them :)

est. 2003 said...

Love the glasses! And whenever you need a trim, give me a call! Plus I need to pick your brain 'cause I want to make a cute happy birthday sign like yours!

Lauren said...

Jemma looks just like Fancy Nancy! Have you ever read those books? So cute!!! If only I had a girl that could take to them :) Don't think Drew would like Crandall running around adding glitz and fancy to every thing in our house :) You have the cutest little family!