Saturday, February 14, 2009


Carter has this perfect sideways ringlet on the back of his head. I LOVE to play with it and I REALLY hope he ends up with curly hair all over his head. I think a little boy with lots of curls all over his head is AdOrAbLE!!! (Brandon would beg to differ...) All the same, I LOVE that little curl!

Jemma is a HARD-CORE Leggo girl these days. She's always pulling out the bag of "MEGA BLOKS" and saying "Mommy, you want to build sumping?!?" And I say back enthusiastically, "YA!!! Let's build 'sumping'!"

Not Bad!

Carter's favorite snack these days is a little TOILET PAPER! Yuck! If the bathroom door gets left open, he HAWLS in there as fast as he can, and the FEAST begins!


Eric & Jewels said...

Your kids are adorable and Carter's little curl...too cute!!

Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

so cute! Kyrie won't build anything with her legos. She like to dump them into the bath tub, then transfer them from the tub to the toilet.