Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentines

I had THREE Valentines this year...Brandon, my all-time Sweet Heart, and my cute kids Jemma and Carter. (Jemma was a little stingy with the photos today...the one below Brandon and Carter is the only one I could muster from her... at least she's not frowning!)

Yesterday, just because it's tradition to decorate sugar cookies on holidays, Jemma and I did just that during "quiet time"...that may just be one of the funnest quiet time activities we've ever had!
Just a few of the statements Jemma made OVER, and OVER, and OVER again...
"Mommy, this is so fun!"
"Uh-oh, I make a mess!"
"Mmm, this is so GOOD!"
Hopefully you can tell which plate Jemma did and which one I did... in Jemma's eyes, more is deffinitly better! More frosting and more sprinkles that other words, the less cookie you can make out, the better! :o)
Today, while Carter was napping, Jemma and I decorated for our Valentine's dinner. Jemma was SOOOO excited about the balloons. When she first saw them, she said "Oh Mom! They're so pretty! Good job!" Oh the simple joys of childhood!

For dinner, we had shishkabobs (even Brandon wasn't sure how to spell that one...) Veggie and Chicken with bbq-ed asparagus, rice and broiled pitas...if you're tired of french bread/rolls/or whatever, pitas with a little butter and garlic salt, broiled in the oven, are quite tasty!
So the picture isn't that great, but the food was ExCeLlEnT!
For desert we dipped strawberries in first they started out looking pretty good, but they just seemed to get less and less appetizing in appearance...we ate 'em anyway! (Strawberries and chocolate...I like them seperate, but I like them even better combined!)
And then for "second deserts" we had a TON of candy. We recieved Valentines from some family and HoLy CoW! It looked like it was Halloween, only with a whole lot more pink!

To finish off the night, we watched "The Princess Bride" as a family, ate treats and gave back is pretty good!
I sure love my family - not just on Valentine's Day. But it sure was fun to do a little more today just to show it.


Quinn and Ang said...

Hey Jen ran across your blog from Amber's and just wanted to tell you that you have an adorable family!

Eric & Jewels said...

Jen! You're so creative...what a fun Valentine's Day you made for your little family. One day I'll do something cool like that :) but for now heart shaped pancakes in the morning and breaded salmon, boiled red potatoes, and fresh fruit for dinner will have to do:) Oh we did have sparkling cider that was a little special :)

Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

So cute! You and Sharee both did such a cute job decorating your tables. Jemma and the cookies, so cute! I always love seeing the cute little flowers in her hair! I loved talking to you the other day. We need a sisters reunion!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow! Your food looks mouthwateringly good. I want to try those pitas, I think. That is so cute that Jemma just thought everything was so fun and pretty. My kids made similar comments, and it just makes it all worth it, don't you think? Love the updates!