Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh The Memories!

So, Monday was Jacob's birthday, but with Nathan's being on Friday, we went ahead and celebrated both with just family...they're having their "friend party" Friday. Anyway...my dad's parents were here and my Grandpa Stone was doing all these things with Jemma that I remember him doing with me and my siblings when I was a little girl. Neither one of these videos REALLY captures the full effect, but I had to put them on here for my other siblings' sakes if for nothing else. This first video entitled "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" is the tail end of Jemma running around in a circle (along with her awesome uncles Jacob and Nathan) to this little ditty Grandpa used to play EVERY time he came to our home. Us kids would run around in a circle and at the end of the song we would all say "AGAIN, AGAIN!"

Grandpa also used to do these little coin tricks with us. We could never figure out how the quarter got into our ear or in our toes or whatever...this time, it magically falls from the sky :o). Whenever the money would re-appear, Jemma would say "I got the money!"... Grammy and Grandpa got a kick outta that.

Grandpa Stone also always held his children up in the air with one hand, and my dad did the same with us. My Grammy was holding Carter and commented on how strong his legs were...he must be ready for the family trick! So, my dad gave it a whirl. At first Carter seemed a little in-secure (although full of smiles)...

But he DID IT! What a talented little 5 month old! (Gotta get 'em trained before they realize how high they are and how scared they schould be!)

With all the reflecting I did that night...it really brought me up to speed on how OLD I'm getting...YiKeS! I can't even tell you how many things I've told Jemma not to do or to stop doing since we've been here that I did ALL THE TIME when I was growing up in this house! It's been just a little trippy.


Haden's Family said...

Jemma is just so darn cute! I love the video of her saying "I've got the money". What a ham! Oh, and I wanted to give you a head's up that I'm changing my blog over to an invitation only one so email me your email address so that I can invite you. Enjoy your visit! pet03012@byui.edu

Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

Oh my, I got all teared up! I remember all those good times! I loved dancing to Grandpa playing the piano. Those coins tricks...love them. Love you guys!

P-dub said...

Jenny! I am so excited to have found your blog! (I found it through Sharee's blog) Your little family is so beautiful! And this post in particular is so sweet. Seeing your dad for some reason really makes me miss living in California, and our old ward... Isn't family such a wonderful blessing?! Good to find you out here in the cyber world!

Pam (used to be Curtis)

aj said...

hey. you are NOT getting old.
we're too young to be old.

James & Tara Huish said...

So cute Jenny! Your kids are just so dang cute! I wish I could be close to you guys so I could hug and kiss them! Maybe someday:) For now, we are loving being close to Jay and Allison. And Jay and James have truly become "kindred spirits" :)(It's actually a little ridiculous!) Anyway, it's always so fun to catch up on your guys' life!