Friday, May 23, 2008

This, That, and the Other

My goodness, how these little ones change! Although it's still a rare occurence for Carter to have his eyes open for longer than a 30 minute stretch, when he's awake, he's a happy little guy! I guess it's a good thing our first baby was a harder baby...this first week and a half has seemed super easy in comparison...then again, it could just be because my wonderful mother and sister Melanie have spent the last 5 days with us! Carter and Jemma have greatly appreciated their company too.

Mom/Nona (as affectionately called by her grandchildren), with Jemma and Carter.

Aunt Jewels with a snoozing Carter.
Nona and Carter.

Aunt Melanie and Carter.

Brandon and Carter, both out cold.

Just one example of how fun it is to have company: right after Jemma's bath the other night, Aunt Melanie let Jemma try on a whole bunch of her shirts...they fit more like dresses, but Jemma LOVED it! She kept saying, "I'm pretty!" and wanting us to turn on music so she could dance around like a little princess! She's ALL GIRL...unless she's wrestling with her daddy.


Jemma really wanted to hold Carter the other night, but insisted on wearing the oven mits...who knows!

We are so grateful for both of our children. How blessed we are!


Sharee & Arthur said...

Oh my goodness, Jenny! I love all those pictures. Carter is adorable! I'm glad you got some pictures with his eyes open. Maybe Jemma was wearing oven mitts because she knows that her brother is gonna be hottie. My top three favorite pics: Nona and Carter, Sleeping Brandon and Carter, and Oven-mitt Jemma with her hottie brother. Love you guys! Oh, and Jenny, you look great!

Harris Family said...

We can't wait to meet Carter! He's SO cute, I bet your having so much fun with him! I'm so excited you had a boy....I knew you were having a boy cause Brandon told me.....j/k I know that would start a fight! He's adorable and I'm glad he's been so easy! Hopefully we'll get to meet him soon! And contrat's on Portland, yeah! Love, Allison

Lauren said...

He is adorable! Jemma is too cute with him. I love the oven mit picture. I looked at it before I read the caption and thought to my self, why would Jenny make Jemma wear oven mits if she wanted to hold the baby? I guess that Jemma knows best huh? Too funny. You look great and your little family is so cute. Congrats!

Sara said...

I love all the cute pictures! Your kids are adorable and Jemma is hilarious!

Gary and Rebecca Dustin said...

Hey- its the Dustin's. Congrats on the newbie, he is adorable. Just wanted to say HI

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

Your sisters look just like you. Crazy.

Ryan and Cecily said...

I love all these pictures! I can't believe how much you look like your sister Melanie!

The Dixon Gang said...

Your little family is growing so much!!! Congrats on your sweet baby boy. I can't believe how big Jemma is. It is crazy how fast they grow. Visalia has changed so much. We sure miss you guys and Laura & Mason. You wouldn't even recognize 4th ward. When I visit my parents I sure don't recognize half of the people there. Congrats to Brandon on getting into school.