Monday, June 2, 2008

Photo Shoot

So, my sister Melanie is FAMOUS (at least within our family) for taking random/cool photos. If you want some hard evidence, visit her blog and scroll down through some of her pics...her and her friend Leanne are pretty creative. But to get to the point, her and Jemma took these pictures while Melanie was here and I thought they were so cute! Perfect for a scrapbook page! Thanks Mel for sharing these pics with me!


Melanie said...

haha! Jemma is so halarious, I love the one where she's poking her cheeks! she is awesome!
she is totally a future model!
so I take it you couldnt get the videos to download, I'm gonna try and put them on my blog ok!


Sharee & Arthur said...

Cute pictures! And I really like your new blog layout. Where did you find the cool backgrounds? I've been meaning to call you and make sure you're surviving two kids by yourself. It's overwhelming, but I know you're doing a great job! Love you, and call me if you ever need to talk/vent/cry/ whatever.

The Anderson Family said...

Love the pictures! Jemma can sure put on a show for the camera.
Love ya