Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Afternoon at the Rexburg Temple

So, today we decided after dinner we were going to walk on up to the Rexburg Temple. Eric and Julianne always come over for Sunday Dinner and they were gracious enough to accompany us. Jemma took MANY breaks on the way there...the photo below is her resting at one point during our walk and when we asked her where the temple was, she pointed right to it. Pretty impressive! We must be doin' something right...pointing it out when we drive at home...because this was the first time we took her to the temple grounds! So, we did finally make it...with a tired two year old and an 8 1/2 month pregnant girl in tow. Most of the landscape is still dormant...we're grateful for the green grass...but it's still an impressive sight.

Candid of Julianne and Eric...THANKS GUYS FOR COMING WITH US!! (Since they don't post stuff on their blog, I figured I'd letcha know they're still alive. ;o)Brandon was a little tired of chasing Jemma around...those steps sure come in handy.
Brace yourself for these next few photos...I am GINORMOUS!!!! (Is that a real word...or even how you spell it if it is...?) P.S. I had been worried about the size of the baby...I'm bigger this time than I was with Jemma (an almost EIGHT pounder!) so my doctor sent me to the hospital for a detailed ultrasound. The results came back showing my due date one week earlier, May 21st (HOORAY!!!) and because the baby's size two weeks ago was about 6 1/2 pounds, my doctor said we'll be lookin' at another 7-8 pound baby and wants to induce on the 14th of May!!! Hooray for doctors who listen to your concerns! So, the count down has begun...TEN DAYS!!!
I told you to prepare yourself...don't blame me if you have nightmares about pregnancy after viewing these photos!

Brandon and Jemma...having some bonding time...don't those clouds look cool!?!

Our family in front of the is really tall...sorry we couldn't fit the whole thing in the pic.

Brandon, Julianne and Eric all took turns carrying Jemma on the way back...we would have been taking a lot more rests otherwise.


Melanie said...

oh man I totally love this pics!! I especially love the one where you're pointing to your belly, so sexy. The temple looks beautiful!! cant wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!

Sara said...

You are so cute, I love the big belly!

Sharee & Arthur said...

What a fun Sunday outting! You look awesome in your pregnant pictures. Your belly is . . . well it's just awesome. Wow, I tell you what, wow. (from the fruit bat on Anastasia.) I remember what that feels like. Anyway, I can't believe you only have 8 days left! I'm so very excited for you guys! Oh, and thanks for posting pics of Julianne and Eric. I thought they might still be in the Mexican Riviera somewhere. Glad to know they made it up to school. I've been meaning to call you guys. I don't know what happens to my time everyday, but I always get to the end and wonder how it passed so quickly. Anyway, love you and can't wait to hear about your new little one who'll be here so very soon!

Mason & Laura said...

That is so cool the temple is just a "walk" away! It looks so beautiful, I love the pictures. Jenny you look adorable, I LOVE the belly! Congrats on getting to have the baby 2 weeks earlier! We will be anxiously waiting to hear when it happens!!! And of course I have to say how adorable Jemma is. What a sweetie!

Lauren said...

Well if you weren't so teeny tiny to start with the belly might not be such a shocker :) You look adorable and I ditto your comment about doctor's listening to patient's concerns. My doc was the same way and I was induced a week early, thank goodness Crandall was already 8 lbs then. Hope everything goes well with the deliver and can't wait to see pics of the new Baby Reed.

trish said...

First of all are NOT huge. Your belly looks 9 months pregnant, but your body is teeny tiny. Not fair, I GET HUGE when I am pregnant. But, face, hips, belly...EVERYWHERE!! Good luck with everything coming up.