Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dying Eggs!

I said I would put some pictures of our egg dying experience on here, so here I am fulfilling my word!

Jemma thought this was the coolest thing we'd ever done. I just had to keep a close watch on her or she was quick to put her hands and everything else close by into the containers of dye.

The dye kit came with some stickers to make faces on the eggs...Jemma was very carefully putting these stickers on when she accidendly dropped one of the eggs. She said over and over again, "Woopsy! It falled!" And everytime she would look at the poor smashed egg, she would rehash how the egg had fallen and was consiquently cracked...thank heaven we boil them before we dye them!


Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

That is fun! Those pictures will make a cute scrapbook layout! Love it!

Sharee & Arthur said...

Very cute pictures. I love Jemma's haircut! I think I need to cut my hair like that. She did a very good job putting those stickers on. And I agree, those are gonna be cute pictures for a scrapbook layout. (Also, I read your comments on Natalie's blog about using boiled eggs. Have you ever tried putting them on a salad? They're pretty good on salads.) love ya!