Saturday, January 5, 2008

Julianne's Wedding

January 4th, 2008 Julianne and Eric got married. Jemma is pretty fond of Julianne due to all the time they spent together up in Rexburg. are just a few pics of our family and Julianne on her wedding day!

Jemma in her special dress!

Our Family!

When Julianne came out in her dress, Jemma just ooohed and ahhhed over her. We had to keep pulling her out of the way so the photographer could get pictures taken!

Julianne, Eric, Cousins Sean, Daphne and Dallin with Jemma on the bride's lap.

Our family again!

Jemma had so much fun dancing at the reception. Even after Julianne and Eric had left, she went back inside and wanted more music so she could dance it up until we all finished cleaning up. This is just one shot of her and her cousin Daphne gettin' their groove on!


garietys said...

Hi jenny! I am officially your first comment! Yahoo. Your blog is looking very, very cute. I have you added to my blog so I can check yours as often as I want. It was so fun to be together over the holidays! We love you guys.


Brian, Natalie, & Kyrie said...

Snap! I would have been your first comment if my internet hadn't cut out. Thanks Sharee for stealing my glory:) Yea! I am so excited your blog is up and running! Now I can look at pictures of you and your family all the time. Wha ha ha! Love you tons!

trish said...

Yaay Jenny, I am so excited you have a BLOG so I can see your cute family. I found your link on Natalies blog. Your daughter is so cute.

-Trisha (Henderson) Cannon