Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January coming to an end!

Well, we're sorry we don't have new pics up yet, but we thought we'd just letcha know that we're alive and well in Rexburg, Idaho. It's colder than ever!!! -18 degrees, but with the windchill, it's -36!!! Yuck. So, we're enjoying the snow from inside our home.
We had our big ultrasound 2 weeks ago...we decided not to find out the gender...only 18 weeks left and we'll know! We told Jemma we were going to watch a "moo-moo" (that's what she calls movies), but she wasn't real impressed. Anyway, we'll try to get some updated photos on here soon!

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Gariety Family said...

Jenny! I can't believe you only have 18 weeks left. That seems like a very short time to me. (Probably not to you.) We love you and all the cute pics you've posted. Jemma looks so cute in that little outfit that Mom got her. Darling.
love you. Sharee