Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christmas, Grandpa's 80th Birthday and Adventures in the SNOW!!

So, even though Christmas is a month behind us, here are just two pics of our family on Christmas day! One is of Jemma just enjoying the lovely weather in sunny California!
While in California, we celebrated my Grandpa Stone's 80th Birthday at fully catered party with a live band! Lots of fun!
Even though we are FREEZING our buns off back here in Rexburg, we seem to find ways to enjoy the snow...especially Jemma. She would be happy as a lark if we would just bundle her up and let her play outside all day - even in sub-zero weather!

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Brian, Natalie, & Kyrie said...

So cute! I love those pictures of Jemma on her sled! So today was 16 degrees and I was feeling sorry for myself. But then I remembered Rexburg and how freezing it was and didn't feel so sad anymore. Rexburg is freezing! We love you guys and love the new pictures!