Friday, December 14, 2012


We were fortunate enough to have FAMILY come visit for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Brandon's parents and Grandma Ruth came and spent 4 days with us and we had a blast!
Their first full day with us we trecked over to the historical city of Savannah.  I say "trecked" because we had to take a semi-long detour due to traffic and then Jemma had to stop like 3 times to go potty.  Next time, she  cannot keep her thermos with her.  Sheesh!
When we arrived, we had a picnic lunch at a sketchy park (we had NO idea where we were going or where to start...the city was MUCH bigger than we had anticipated and, frankly, Brandon and I had not done enough research/planning before going.  We then decided it might be best to take a guided tour.  Best idea ever.  We rode a trolley and the driver was a wealth of information.  Next time we go we know exactly what we want to do, thanks to his knowledge.
On the trolley.  :)


We spent Thanksgiving Day primarily at home.  We had a full-fledged-feast with tons of leftovers.  I guess three additional adults do not eat as much as I anticipated ;)
The weather was gorgeous, so we spent a good amount of time outside riding bikes and drawing with sidewalk chalk.  :)

...And taking pictures...
which, believe it or not, I did not take enough of!  (Our SLR was and still is in the got dropped and now we get to fork over $*** big ones to get it repaired.  Merry Christmas to us!)

We were SO grateful to have family here for our first major holiday.  
Ben, Tina and Ruth for flying across the country to spend it with us!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

So glad you had family out there for your first Holiday out in Georgia! We miss you guys!