Friday, December 14, 2012


It's been a while since I posted any projects on the blog.  (Actually, it's been a while since I posted anything at all!)

Moving into a larger home has left me thrifting more than my dear husband would like, but once the projects are finished, he's much less apt to object to my slight addiction.  :)
There are several things I forgot to take photos of; Jemma's new darling vanity/dresser and a cute little chair I intended to use in my sewing room, but seems to have made it's home in the family room, but other than that, I think these are it so far.
I gave this little nightstand a new look for our guest room.  It's painted a pale aqua and I added the applique on the top drawer and replaced the knobs. 

 This next project was a big one.  
That's a complete understatement.  
It took me MONTHS to complete.  
We found this table and chairs on craigslist and paid $150 for the table and 6 chairs.  Booya!  I know!  Smokin' deal.  Two of the legs were a little lot mauled from the previous owner's dogs, so I had to patch those up, sand and paint six chairs, reupholster them (which, by the way, I only finished the day before Thanksgiving because I had the help of my amazing father-in-law.  THANKS BEN!) And after sanding down half of the table top, I decided I wanted to just build a new top and only keep the legs.  So, after a couple of trips to Home Depot and disassembling the original table, Brandon and I built a new top, stained it, painted the legs, built a new apron and painted it, assembled it all and got it in the house the week before Thanksgiving.
I am so glad that is all done and that I don't have a garage full of furniture anymore or an empty dining room for that matter!  

 Before and After

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with how it all turned out.  The table is 8 feet long now and can easily seat 8-10 people.  Bring on the guests!!!  (Hint, hint.)
I definitely think I need to sew a larger Christmas runner for this baby.  That runner looks so teeny on there!

My most recent project was a pair of nightstands for me and Brandon's room.  I found these matching nightstands at our local goodwill for $19 a piece and just used the leftover paint and stain from the table, so it was a grand total of $38 for the pair.  AWESOME.  They have a funky smell still...I need to spray them down with lysol or something.  For now, they have dryer sheets inside...any ideas???

 I swear one of them was burned or whole side was almost completely black.  Maybe that's where the weird smell is from...
 Anyway,  here are the after shots.

 I actually did have to buy some black spray paint for the drawer pulls, so I guess that tacks on a couple dollars...still pretty inexpensive for large nightstands.

 It is SO nice to have our lamps off the floor and somewhere to set our alarm clocks!

And, I built this car.  lol!  Just kidding, duh.
We just FINALLY got a second vehicle.  JOY to the WORLD!  It's a 2011 Toyota Corolla and we love it.

So there you are...the last 5 months worth of projecting.  
I have to admit that while I'm working on a project, I can be a little cranky.  
It really is not all that fun.
It's mostly really hard work and going to bed with super sore muscles from sanding and lifting more than you should have in one day!
But, it's also giving new life to something possibly abused and neglected that's fun.
It's the satisfaction that comes when the project is complete that's awesome.  
So, I'm sure there will be many more projects in the future...sorry Brandon!  ;)
Let the happy times roll!


-tracy said...

I love all your projects.
The table is AMAZING. Seriously.
You will love that for years and years and probably someday your grandchildren will talk about their grandma rebuilt it.
Your home is beautiful!
Miss you guys!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh my word, Jen, your kitchen table turned out way better than I could even imagine!! I love it! All your projects look amazing, but, wow, that table is perfect! I want one just like it! Good job, and again I'm wishing we lived close to each other so I could learn how you do it!

Sharee and Arthur said...

P.s. congrats on a second vehicle! So liberating!

Megan said...

Holy Cow I love that table, please explain what you did! Cute, cute cute!

Mikelle said...

SO FUN!!! love this post and all your projects. can't wait to do some of my own! Jake is already dreading it. I keep warning him ("I'll be frugal babe, but I AM buying stuff when we move"!!!Jake groans...)
I have been debating on redoing my table. Was it terribly awful to sand and paint those legs? Yours looks so good...I should just buckle down and go for it:)

The Pitts Family said...

I love your project posts. And I have a problem thrifting too, the only thing is that we don't have a house so Scott keeps saying, "how can you decorate a house we don't have?" I can't help it. Miss you guys!

Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

You are brilliant! I love all your projects and can't believe how amazing that table is! I would pay big bucks for that at pottery barn!! LOVE IT! Like Sharee said I need to live close to you so some of your creative juices can rub off on me. I need to learn from you master Yoda! Love you guys and miss you like crazy!