Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mischief Maker

Dear Gavin,
You're taking your afternoon nap right now. The house is resting too. When you're awake, nothing is safe. So, (internal sigh of relief), for the next hour and a half, there will be peace. :) Here's a little peek into some of the stuff you do EVERY DAY, ALL DAY LONG.

Play in the Vaseline.

Fling margarine all over the kitchen...

and smear it all over the inside of the fridge. (I guess I can be grateful you did this with the cheap stuff and not with real whole pound of margarine smeared all over the kitchen, fridge and you = 45 minutes of de-greasing. You owe me big.)

Innocent and adorable toddler play - you LOVE to be outside,

and in the bath, but you leave the bathroom floor completely covered in H2O by the time you're done. Splash-oholic.

You LOVE a good bowl of ice cream,

and putting on your daddy's deodorant.

Coloring is no fun if you have to do it on paper, so you color on the floor and walls and yourself.

If I can't find you, you're sure to be in garage or in the kitchen...and if it's the latter, I'm sure to find a disaster.

But when you do make a mess, you're happy to help clean it up,

and I guess that helps me keep my cupboards a little more organized.

You wear me out little man, but I can't imagine our family without you.

ps. You recently learned to get out of your crib, so, at 21 months you are sleeping (like a champ) in your toddler bed. Youngest of all our children yet. Jemma and Carter were pretty proud of you, and I'm pretty sure you thought you were big stuff's a little video of you in action, mischief maker.


-tracy said...

i love how excited the kids are after he gets out of his crib.
it's so funny to see all the naughty things other kids do...makes me feel like mine are normal.
i mean, who doesn't smear an entire tube of cherry chapstick all over themselves and their bed? or help themselves to the milk and dump it all over the floor? All the cool kids do it...
miss you guys!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh my goodness I cannot believe that margarine mess!!! O blissful naptime--the only peace of the day. What a cute little guy, though!

Kristina said...

This post was a nice flash back to what my house used to look like, and I laughed. Then I flashed forward to what it WILL be like in a year or two... now I feel nauseous! The butter, oh my goodness! That mess takes the cake. Oh Gavin boy, you are a stinker. But a really adorable one! and Jen, you are the calmest mom I know.

The Schneiders said...

Wow! You are such a good Mom. And I have decided that I need to be a little more like you and allow my children to grow and explore. Gavin is adorable. Oh, have I told you that I am probably going to steal that cute name and give it to our second boy!! I hope you don't mind. I just love it too much....

Reed Family said...

Megan you are too sweet. I was not intentionally letting Gavin explore...I just am busy elsewhere in the house and when I find him, this is the kind of stuff he's doing!!! Eesh. And of course you can name boy #2 Gavin! We don't own that name. ;) Can't wait for that little guy to arrive! :)

Sierra said...

I love how happy he is when he gets out of that crib! Dancing around all proud of himself. What an adorable little stinker.

Jen said...

What a fun little guy full of a love for life! I wish we could just let our kids do that sort of "exploring" without all of the repercussions of having to clean it up and needing to teach them lessons on cleanliness and proper uses of butter... and other such lessons of life :) It all looks so fun!

Mason & Laura said...

what a handful! i especially love the vaseline and margarine. ohhhh my!