Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What will they say next?

Before I allowed myself to check anyone else's blog, I vowed I would update my own today. :)

So, it's been three+ months since my last documentation of the things my kiddos say, so here goes:

Carter: "I wish you could say 'you can have lots of treats' all the time!"

Me: "Carter, I'm tired of your whining."

Carter: "Well, I'm tired of your sewing."


Carter: "Can we watch Rio?"

Me: "Later."

Carter: "Daddy said 'later' too."

...a few seconds pass...

Carter: "Ya know, this is later."

Jemma to Carter: "Squeeze your own nose!"

Carter: "Gavin, push yourself!"

(My kids have issues with keeping their hands to themselves.)

Jemma to Carter: "You know why I have to do my exercises every single day? So when a bad guy comes to get me, I can punch him really hard."

Carter: "I don't like mermaids cuz they have booboos."

Jemma: "Mermaids don't have boobies Carter."

Carter, pointing to the Little Mermaid's chest: "What are those?"

Jemma: "Those are shells."

Me: "Oh Gavin, I think you have a poopy diaper."

Carter: "That's not Gavin. That's my bweath."

Me: "That's so nice of you to play with your brothers."

Jemma: "I know. I just love hangin' with my boys."

Carter: "Can I marry my friend?"

Me: "If you're in love with them and they love you too."

Carter: "Are you in love with Daddy?"

Me: "Yes I am."

Carter: "Oh, I'm in love too."

Me: "Really. With who?"

Carter: "With Reagan."

Me: "Oh, how do you know?"

Carter: "I don't know. I just am."

I am NOT a big fan of cereal, especially presweetened stuff...it's like sugar filled air with NO nutritional value and I'm hungry 30 minutes after I eat it...what a way to start the day. (And yet, 3 days out of 7, what's for breakfast in the Reed home...) Anyway, the other day, Jemma talked me into buying Lucky Charms. This is what Carter said (very excitedly) when I finally pulled them outta the cupboard: "Jemma!! Mommy bought Yucky Charms!"

Somehow the kids and I ended up talking about what a "crush" is...I defined it as when one person thinks another person is cute and likes them, to which Carter replied,

"Probly I'm a crush, cuz I'm cute."

I am learning to truly love homeschool - but there are certainly still days when Jemma gives me a run for my money. There was one particular morning when she wanted to play before reading to me and when I didn't budge she proceeded to throw a fit. When Carter interrupted her ranting, Jemma turned to him and said (in a high pitched wine), "We're trying to have a concentration here. We're kinda mad with each other."

I was talking with Carter about controlling his anger - alternatives to yelling and screaming. Ater explaining a few options Carter said, "Or I can punch them and they can fall down". I guess I'll have to keep working on that one.

Someone knocked on the door on a Saturday morning and I was unshowered, bra-less and still in jammies - I didn't recognize the person so I told the kids it was a stranger and that we needed to be quiet and not answer the door. Jemma's response was, "It' a stranger?! He's coming to take the kids!?!" and Carter's was, "Don't worry Mom, I'll get my gun."

Carter, as previously displayed, has become quite interested in marriage. First it was Reagan, and now it is Aunt Emma. Apparently he was eyeing her the other day while she was typing on her computer and when she asked him what he was doing, he told her, "I was just thinking if I could marry you." THEN, today Emma watched him and Gavin while I ran Jemma to a science class and when Emma left he was really sad.

Me: "Do you like your Aunt Emma?"

Carter: heavy sigh "Yes. I love her."

Me: "Ya, she's pretty fun."

Carter: "Who's she married to?"

Me: "She's not married yet."

Carter: "Probly she'll marry me."

Me: "She can't marry you. You're part of her family, and besides, she's too old for you."

Carter: "She's not old! Her hair is brown!"


Sharee and Arthur said...

Hurray! We love these!! As soon as I saw you'd posted quotes, I shouted, "Hey everyone, Aunt Jenny posted quotes!" and they all gathered around the computer to hear them laughing hysterically after them all. I love that Carter thinks Emma will probly marry him. so cute!

Melanie said...

HAHA!! These are the BEST! Tell Jemma I do my exercises every day for the same reason she does. Also Carter being in love with Reagan and Emma is just about the cutest thing EVER!

Kristina said...

I LOVE YOUR KIDS!!! Are arranged marriages illegal in the US? Maybe we don't have to arrange anything after all, Reagan is in love with Carter. The "booboos" comment cracked me up. I can't wait until Gavin starts talking more!

Eric and Jewels said...

Yes! The qoutes post! Loved what your kids had to say but really got a kick out of carter being in love with emma and wanting to marry her too cute!

Mitch n' Molly said...

My favorite part about these posts is that it helps me know your children, even tho I am so far away. These little snippets are so telling and I LOVE it keep it coming!

-tracy said...

I laughed out loud when I read the comment from Carter about your sewing...obviously annoying Jen! :)
Miss you all and so glad you post these so I can keep up with those little sweeties.

Mason & Laura said...

These are HILARIOUS! I seriously am laughing out loud! Carter especially cracked me up :)