Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nina's Visit

Brandon had Fall Break last week - it ended up being almost the ENTIRE week - (he just had school Monday), and his Mom Tina, affectionately called Nina by the kids, decided to pay us a visit. We are so glad she came!!!

Here's a shot of Jemma ElAtEd because she's going to get Nina from the airport.

Drum roll please... the arrival of Nina!!!

We did a little hangin' out and relaxing - a little movie watching ("Phantom" and "The Wizard of Oz") and Brandon managed to get his mom down to the school to sit as a patient for him. What a good sport!
Jemma didn't like being far from Nina's side, so she went along...hopefully she wasn't too distracting. :)
Nina and the kids.

We also took Brandon's mom to the Tillamook Cheese Factory - it's a self guided tour that can be very short if you don't stop and try out their ice cream...I am personally a big fan of the "Udderly Chocolate" flavor...they had some rather delicious fudge there too!
Here are the kids swinging on the bars you are technically supposed to stay in front of when looking down on the factory workers.
They were pretty infatuated with these cows...Jemma was especially intrigued by the utters...hmmm.

I thought I got a good shot of Jemma and her Nina behind one of those cardboard/plywood cut outs where you can stick your face through the opening...Jemma was the cow and Nina was the turns out the picture was blurry and the clear photo was actually a video...maybe I'll post the video later. :)

Thanks again for coming out to see us! We are always so glad to have you and so sad when it's time for you to go! (Jemma stood at the doorway after Brandon and his mom drove away, headed back to the airport, crying. :( She said, several times, "I miss my Nina! She's gonna miss me at her house." It's rough living so far from family, but we have been so blessed to see them as regularly as we do. We LOVE you! Thanks for visiting us!


Sharee and Arthur said...

It's so fun when family visits. I feel like Jemma when it's time for the party to end. I'm glad you guys had such a fun time. I really hope you come open a practice down here because I could probably keep Brandon in business. With my bad eye genes, I wouldn't be surprised if all our kids have to wear glasses. :( Besides, I don't like my eye doctor anyway.

The Pitts said...

Jen, your kids are so stinkin' cute. We loved coming over to your AdOrAbLe house (I need your help with a new urn and what to put in it) for the recipe exchange and we need to hang out more!

Megan said...

So fun! Looks like FG is the place! Carter is getting so big! Good ole 21 points!

MarshandKrissy said...

Hey Jen...can I get your address? karissad at