Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Carter's first Tie, Jemma's (overdue) haircut, and Carving Pumpkins

~Carter's First Tie~
I have been looking for a little clip-on tie (that wasn't $20 bucks!) for Carter to wear to church for a while now and I found this little shirt and tie set at Old Navy. On Sunday, I pulled it out for Carter to wear, and I figured he would yank it right off, but he LOVED it! He kept pointing to it and saying "Daddy!" - he knew he looked like his Daddy and he thought that was AWESOME! Too cute!

~The Overdue Haircut~
We have always kept Jemma's hair short - it's just easier to manage and when you have thin straight hair, the shorter, the better. But for the last 5 or 6 WEEKS I have been asking her if I could cut her hair..."No, I want it long", she would tell me...BLAST! She was forming her own opinion and had decided that she liked her hair long...
So, today when it was time to get ready for dance, I was trying to get her hair into pigtails - it has to be out of her face - and she kept saying that it was hurting and giving her "owies" and she wanted to take it out. I simply told her if she wanted long hair, then this is how it goes on dance days, but if she would let me cut it, then she wouldn't have to wear it up!...still a no go. So after dance, we were eating lunch and Jemma said, in true Jemma fashion, "I have an idea! Let's watch a movie!" To which I responded, "I have an idea. Let's cut your hair and then watch a movie." Jemma:"No, we can't watch a movie." To smart for that one. So, I decided, as long as I'm bribing her, "Jemma, if you let me cut your hair I will let you choose 2 BIG treats out of the treat bowl!" Jemma: "Okay! You can cut my hair!" HA! So, here are some pics from the affair on hair!



First cut.


She told me when we were all done, "I look so beautiful!" I agree. :)

~Carving Pumpkins~
On Monday, we decided to carve our pumpkins for Family Home Evening. Last year, we skipped out on the whole thing cuz the kids and I didn't get back from California in time. But this year, we went for it. It's always messy business, but the kids loved it and it ended up being pretty fun!
Carter with one of the little pumpkins we grew in our garden. (We got 9 little pumpkins this year...our big ones didn't get pollinated in time and died when the cold weather set in.)
Jemma scoopin' out the seeds.

Almost done!
Ta-Da! I know the pic isn't that good, but there they are! Jemma wanted a girl pumpkin, so Brandon attempted to do some eyelashes...not bad! (Jemma has deemed that one the "girl pirate pumpkin!" If only we had an eye patch!)


Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh they are so cute! I love that Carter was so proud of his tie! And I love that Jemma was really wheelin' and dealin' with that hair cut. The pumpkins turned out great-Brandon did a bang-up job with those eyelashes. What detail!

Jen said...

Your kids are so cute! I love the smile Carter has on his face wearing his new tie :)

Cecily said...

You have the cutest kids! If Brandon has any ties he doesn't wear, you can take the skinny end and tie it in a single knot. Cut off the remainder of the tie, and put elastic through the knot to use for the neck portion of the tie. Anyway, it's such a cheap way to make a tie. They turn out so cute.

Melanie said...

Carter looks so handsome with his tie!! I was crackin up when I read about how Jemma didnt want you to cut her hair! haha! Jen you should let her grow it out!!! love you guys!

Eric & Jewels said...

Man your kids are growing fast!! I thought it was so cute of Carter liking his tie because he knew he looked like his "daddy". Tell Jemma that I love her new hair cut and that she does look beautiful. Oh and I love your carved pumpkins you guys did great job on them!!

trish said...

I am SO IMPRESSED that you cut her hair yourself and I must add you do a GREAT job. WAY TO GO!!