Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 months DOWN!!

My brother Reed has already finished 1/4 of his mission! I seriously cannot believe that. (Most of the time anyway.) I've been pestering him to send some pics to Sharee to post on her blog (My scanner doesn't work anymore) and here of a few of the ones he sent. To see more, visit Sharee's blog.

"We saw this car all over town so we stopped here and took a picture."

"PT's Bike
(our Branch President)"

"My trainer, Elder Rusk"
We love you Reed!!!

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Megan said...

It will go so fast! My brother comes home in two months, we can't believe it. How's the grove? We miss you guys. Make sure to keep a hello open for us come May! I'm sure you're as busy as ever with the kids and ward. Congrats on Navy, that's so exciting. Tell everyone hi.