Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lookin' back on Jemma

Jemma turns 6 today.

I am in denial.

It really doesn't seem like it's possible for her to be 6 already! Alright, I'll quit with all the sappiness.

Jemma was born the December before I graduated from Dental Hygiene school. I was due with her 1 week after I was scheduled to take my National Board Exam and Heavenly Father blessed the two of us so that she didn't come until after I had taken them...she decided to come, instead, on the following Thursday when I was supposed to give a presentation that could not be made, I was there, having contractions every 7 minutes, giving my presentation on who knows what now...

She was born that evening and was the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen. (Maybe I'm a little bias.)

Above: Here she is just a few minutes old...cold and unhappy about it.

One day old...just had her first bath, and DID NOT like it.

One year old...boy was she a mischief maker.

Two years old...busy and SO MUCH FUN!

Three years old.

Four years old...dressed up for the Nativity at Christmas time.

Five years old.

November month shy of 6.
We sure do love this girl. She brings so much life and energy to our family.

We sure are glad you were sent to our home!



Sharee and Arthur said...

Happy Birthday, Jemma!! We love you!

Kristina said...

She was the cutest little chunker of a baby! Jemma is the most enjoyable little girls I have ever known... EVER. I truly miss her spunky self coming to our back window and asking to come in. I'm delighted every time I see her smile! She is incredibly talented (not to mention dramatic) and beautiful. Can you tell I miss her? only a little! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

The Kenyons said...

Happy Birthday to Jemma! I can't believe Makenna will be 6 on her next bday either! Yikes!

Can you email me your address? :)


we're the hatfields said...

happy happy birthday jemma! what a sweet baby with the cutest little lips.
miss you all!

Travis and Heather said...

Well that's the cutest almost 6 year old picture ever. I love the one year old picture. I sighed when I saw it as that is an everyday scene in my house with my Jay bear. What a mischief maker. good to see he could turn out as perfectly as ms. Jemma. Six is such a big age. How do we get this to stop!?

Mitch n' Molly said...

What in the WORLD?! What a precious little Jem! She is every bit as sweet and kind and gentle as those pictures portray! Give her a big birthday squeeze from me!

Dave and Erin said...

Happy birthday, Jemma!