Sunday, August 8, 2010

Around the Cabin

Just a few more pics from our time in Tahoe. We did a lot of game playing, movie watching, and good food eating ...and the guys managed to play 18+ holes of golf and hold a few pool tounaments and the girls did a little crafting. And, did I mention that the kiddos did a darn good job of entertaining themselves?...for the most part...sometimes they recruited Aunt Emma, Aunt Mel and Jade for their outdoor excursions. :)
Here's Brandon's black eye...he got it rough housing with Jemma the day before we left for Tahoe...

Hayden and Carter checkin' out a bug...everytime it just moved an antenae, they would scream, "it moved, it moved!" When it started crawling toward them, they really freaked.
Jemma and Daphne.

Carter, headed out on a walk.
Carter building a fire...

Sean, Jemma, Daphne, Kyrie and Carter...working on their castle...

The kids put together a little show with the help of their Aunt Mel...they performed it for us on the back was quite entertaining.

We miss all you guys!

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