Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One thing our family has LOVED about living where we live is being just an hour from the coast. There is something about sitting on the beach and just listening to the waves. I could sit there for hours...
In fact, that's just what we did last Friday.
Gavin loved his first visit to the beach! (He did what I felt like doing! Slept, ate and soaked up the Vitamine D!...yes, there was lots of sunshine that day!)

Carter takin' in the view.
Jemma (CrAzY!!!) in the pretty darn cold ocean.

We went with some friends; the AwEsOmE Mitchell and Skinner families.
Left to right: Jemma, Reagan (front), Miles (only the top of his head is visible :(), Molly, Carter, Grant (back), and Hattie. We worked our little tails off building that sand castle. We were amazed it stayed standing long enough to take this pic!

Me and Gavin.

Hattie, Carter and Reagan. Such. Cute. Kids. (If I do say so myself.)
Jemma was an official water collector for the sand castle building...

Brandon and Carter flying a kite. We forgot to bring ours. Thanks Skinner family for letting our kids have a go with yours!

We roasted hot dogs and smores out there after hours on the coast and I was so hungry from playing even I ate a hot dog. (I've never been a big fan of 'em, especially after cooking them over a duraflame log and having some SERIOUS diarrhea ((for lack of a better word)) when I was 18, so that really says something about how HUNGRY I was.)


Sara said...

I love Jemma's swim suit, it's just darling! I never liked hot dogs either until after I had Weston...weird, I know. Looks like a great day!

Michael and Amber said...

Your are right about the waves - there is something so soothing in their sound. Love the pick of Carter taking in the scenery! Brilliant.