Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stone Family Reunion 2010

Kona, Hawaii Feb. 9th -Feb. 16th
Down at the beach...all the sisters.

Before the 5K Kathy Stone Wood Memorial run/jog/walk.
Who says pregnant women can't run it?!? (Alright, so we mostly walked...briskly:)

Mom & Dad at the Luau.

Me with Mom & Dad in our Hawaiian attire.

Snorkeling...I had a bruise right between my eyes (not super visible...thank goodness) from my goggles! The fish were was like swimming with the fish in "Finding Nemo".

Out to lunch after the beach one afternoon. (That's my brother, Jacob.)

Getting ready to watch the sunset on Sunday...that's my sister Natalie (the best roommate EVER) and brother Nathan!

Mom & Dad

Emma, Jacob, and me.

The AwEsOmE sunset!

Me and Natalie on our private lanai. (We were both husband-less for the week...the joys of grad we bunked out together. :) Just like old times!!!)

The view from our lanai at the plantation.

Since we spent Valentines Day there, I decided to make my sisters necklaces...should've taken a pic of them...and my Dad and brothers ties. Reed...out in the mission field even received's a little more conservative, but Tropical fabric none the less :)

The water was PeRfEcT!

A couple of baby geckos. We saw TONS of these.

All the sisters on our way to Akaka Falls (I think that's how you spell it?)


Silly! :)

I had such a WONDERFUL time. It was odd to be away from Brandon and the kids for so long. I certainly was ready to see them again...but not quite ready to leave Hawaii and other loved ones.
On Monday night (our last night there) we had a family home evening where any who wished to stand and share something they learned in the last year could do so. I never stood, but my feelings and thoughts echoed much of what was said. With Aunt Kathy's unexpected passing this last year, I too have more fervently felt that life is swift and fleeting, that our time here is precious, that we need to savor and appreciate what life holds now, today, and that we don't have time to postpone our being GOOD; Genuinely Good...just like Aunt Kathy was. How grateful I am for family and for the knowledge that they can be FOREVER!


Sharee and Arthur said...

Good job getting right on that post, Jen! It was sooo much fun being there with you. I'm glad Brandon and the kids survived without you. I was not ready to come home yet--I missed my little boys, but I was pretty sad to be back. sigh. Well, now we get to look forward to July at the cabin with our brand new babies! Glad there's always something to look forward to. Love ya, Jen.

Justin and Christine said...

I love the family pictures! The waterfall is beautiful and the beach looks perfect. You look great being pregnant, cute clothes. And those ties turned put really good.

Melanie said...

so great!
I miss you JEN!! thanks for the necklace on V-day! so creative and thoughtful! love you lots!

Eric & Jewels said...

I was impressed how quickly you got the Kona post up it encouraged me to get going. I'm gonna have to do a part 2 because there are just too many pictures :) It really was a super fun reunion and I'm so glad that the majority of our family made it. I'm now looking forward to Tahoe this summer and to getting to hold all the new little babies!! I love ya and miss you already!!

The Browning Family said...

AWESOME!!!! Where did u stay?? We are thinking about going there!!

Megan said...

Jealous, need I say more. Oh and cute little baby in that belly!

trish said...

what cute pictures...I love the ones of you and your sisters. Your belly is so cute, you look way to cute to be pregnant.

The Dixon Gang said...

Adorable family pictures! And your baby belly is so cute!!!

Mason & Laura said...

Look at how much fun you had!!! I am still trying to get over all the pictures of you in the air. Are you sure you're pregnant with a baby, or is that a balloon under your shirt? haha (I don't remember being able to run OR jump while pregnant:)

What fabulous place to have a family reunion!!!