Saturday, August 29, 2009


One of Carter's latest obsessions is ShOeS! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! :) But seriously, very soon after he gets up in the morning, he brings us his shoes cuz he wants those bad boys ON. And if for some reason, he doesn't have his shoes on, he is constantly putting other family members' shoes on...he really loves Brandon's flip-flops...I'm yet to get a pic of that one...and any of Jemma's shoes will do as well. (Occasionally he'll wear mine, but not quite as often...) Anyway, we just get a hoot out of him in other people's shoes. It cracks us up!
This one is Carter in my work shoes...silly boy!

I should also mention that Jemma really likes to put on my dress shoes...any pair will do - she calls them all my "glass slippers".

This one is Carter in Jemma's flip-flops! Those chunky just have to SQUEEZE him!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jemma's Photography~

What kids don't love CAMERAS? My kids are not exception, and Jemma gets her hands on our FREQUENTLY! Here are just a few of the pics she's taken over the last few weeks...
Carter - caught off guard.

Manamana - this is Jemma's and Carter's FAVORITE video on youtube...hence, the picture of it (there were actually like 10 pics of this...I just posted uno.) Carter will sing this one around the house. It KILLS me! If you haven't seen it, you ought ot look it up on youtube. (Manamana's a good one:)

Carter Watching Manamana.


Just playin' 'round in our room.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busted Nose

So, there have been some obvious differences between our children...Jemma is a girl, Carter is a boy, Jemma is emotional, Carter is temperamental (mostly when he's HUNGRY), Jemma likes to play, Carter likes to play rough, Jemma is outgoing and mostly uninhibited - she will say "hi" to anyone and has no fear of strangers, Carter is TOTALLY uninhibited...especially when it comes to climbing, but has a real issue with strangers, Jemma has many bumps and bruises on her legs, Carter has one HUGE bruise on his face.

Here is a picture of Carter with his nose still intact...before he decided to slam it into the back of our couch...

Here is a picture of Carter the morning after (mouth full of food)...still a little swollen and not too black and blue.

Here is picture from this morning. Less swollen, more black and blue.

I guess we should be grateful it's not broken...

p.s. If you think he looks fatter in the second two pics, it's cuz he is...he has definitely regained all the weight he lost (and then some) from being sick in Cali...solid boy.