Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun in the Sun

We have been PATIENTLY waiting for some warm spring weather, and we FiNaLlY got some for a nice 4 day stretch! I'm talkin' 70 degree weather with blue skies...GORGEOUS! So, needless to say, we were outside, soakin' up the sunshine!
Monday, Megan called and invited us to go with them to the beach!!! The boys were, of course in school, but four of us moms loaded up the kids and the beach gear and headed for the coast. I cannot even put into words how perfect it was out there! We went to Ecola State Park so the crowds were minimal and there are two little streams running right into the ocean that the kids played in. Here are just a few pics I took during our 3 hour+ visit. :)

Jemma by the stream...she's a tough one to get to look at the camera, especially when she's many adventurous things to discover!!!

Jemma and Adi, loadin' the buckets up with sand and water...

My little man, Carter! He LOVED the sand...and let me tell you, he was covered!

A little snack.?.?.

You weren't supposed to see that Mom. ;) (All that sand took like two days to go through his system...weird bowel movements which, for the record, were really hard to clean off his little bum...)

Adi brought this little umbrella with her that Jemma was hooked on! The two of them were pretty funny, hiking up through the rocks and drift wood to sit under an inside-out made me think of Mary Poppins.

Jemma and Con throwing rocks into the stream...Kathy, Megan and Alison in the background.

Carter, like 3 minutes after getting in the car to go home. He is a TERRIBLE traveler and rarely sleeps long in the car...he slept ALL THE WAY HOME! (Not Jemma though, she was busy watching Tinkerbell!)

Tuesday, we were at the park by 9:45am...oh, and Carter, who rarely sleeps past 7am didn't wake up until 9:00am because he was so EXHAUSTED from our beach trip. :) Anyway, we spent a good hour there...came home, Carter had a nap, we ate lunch and then got a call from Cori to go to another park in the afternoon, so back out into the fresh air we all went! (I didn't have the camera the second time, so here are just a few of the kids from our morning out!)
These two are getting so unbelieveably big SO FAST! It makes me crazy! But the older Carter gets, the more they play fact, the other day, Carter was into something he shouldn't be (probably something in the bathroom...) and I was telling him "that's a no-no, Carter." Well, Jemma didn't like that much and said, "Mom, be nice to baby-Carter! He's my friend!" Silly!

He looked like a little gangsta' in his shorts! Ha! Crack me up!

Dare-devil! He is crazy when it comes to climbing and what-not! I can't keep him down from the most bizzare places! Funny though, cuz he wants nothing to do with walking! If we stand him up in the middle of the floor or try having him hold our fingers and walk, he just sits down.

Not, the clearest shot of Jemma, but like I said, she's hard to get a smile from on camera, so I had to post it!


Eric & Jewels said...

How fun! I love good weather. I'm so glad you have buddies to hang out with since Brandon is in school. Carter does look like a little gangster with his shorts, I love it! You're kids are growing so fast and I love Jemma's comment about Carter being her friend that was so cute. Love you!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Oooh, I'm glad you are having such beautiful weather. Your beach and park outtings look like so much fun, and I LOVE Jemma's swim suit. I want to get a matching one! I also love those driftwood/umbrella pictures--just darling! love you.